feminine kitchen, Saleh Al-enezy (3D)


Title: feminine kitchen
Name: Saleh Al-enezy
Country: Kuwait
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

hi everyone
this is my new work a feminine kitchen or pink kitchen
its based from a real image from a magazine
every thing in the scene are self made ex apt the plants
one from i flower and the other create it with Onyx
Done in max 2011 and vray post in ps
i really hope u like my work

all comment are most welcome


absolutelly fantastic work. i just love it. it`s so good! the colors are superb.


Very good work, congrats! Almost everything looks good to my eyes, I only think that big piece of bread needs some improvement and the knives look strange, they lack some detail.


i am so happy that you like my work

yes the big bread need improvement
and the knifes i dont know what to do else with them to be honest

thanx u guy for reply


Wow very nice all around. The bread does look a bit blocky, but that might just be the angle.


thank u for your comment


this looks great! I hope that my work will look like that someday… how’d you get the lighting to look so realistic?


so nice images … well done.

best regards


Very nice work! I like the clean aspect of it all. I also appreciate the gentle color palette and lighting as well as the overall design. Keep up the good work!


thanx man

me too i appreciate the gentle reply from a gentle man


Great work! I really like the details. Color and lighting is very nice as well.


Great as always… i luve what r u doing with vray lighting…

Dont forget to check my Z 240 :wink:



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