Female with Robotic Headgear - Expose 3 WIP


Hey Everyone. I decided to take some time and perhaps do an entry for Expose’ 3. Not sure what I want to do yet, but I know I want to do a character painting. But here is the problem.

… I never painted skin before. At least “good” looking skin. Anyway, this is what I have so far. I know I didn’t put any colour onto the skin yet but I was hoping you guys could help me or direct me to some tutorials for painting human skin. :love:

With the next CG challenge starting in March I figured I could do this to keep myself busy.

Any comments or help would be greatly smiled upon :slight_smile:


could u stick da tip of da jaw forward a bit ?

skin ? umm…use scales like Walrus !! j/k

sorry i dunno skin, but i’ll drop by every now and then
too see if someone does know, then we both can learn :thumbsup:


Hey Squibbit, nice to see you in one piece after the last CG challenge.

Anyway, I’ll push the tip forward for the next update. :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick reply.


to be honest, i love the way her skin is the same colour as the bg. i would explore the graphic look.

sorry to draw you in the opposite direction :slight_smile:


Great work, AirbORn. Try to keep this inital simplicity that goes with her sad look. Not much to say at this stage. Keep it up.


Yeah, if you wait a few weeks I’ll have got to the point in my dragon painting where I show how I’ll do the scales… j/k! :slight_smile:

I do agree with Squibbit though that the chin feels a bit weak, at least for a contemporary (if not futuristic) woman. But it’s funny how styles change: Look at the National Portrait Gallery in London and you’ll see tons of contemporary beauties depicted with very weak chins: Evidently is was quite the attractive feature back in the day. Also, not sure what you’re trying to convey with the expression, it’s feeling a little blank to me.

Good luck with it!



spism: I was thinking of that :slight_smile: This piece is in it’s early stages, so it might come to that. Thanks!

andreasrocha: Thanks! :slight_smile:

walrus: I agree, the expression is a little blank. I’ll see what I can cook up tonight or tomorrow with the expression :slight_smile: Thanks~!


Hi, I’m new around, this is my first post and I hope I can be of help. There is an interesting tutorial on skin tones from Linda Bergkvist (that was originally posted here on cgtak I think). You can find it on www.furiae.com in the gallery section.


Thanks for the link. I think the noise and lip tutorials on her site will be more useful. Thanks for the help! ^^


cool !!! That colors are moving on my monitor


like the style you have going. it would be cool to keep the lighting you have now on top of whatever skin tone you give her. i also agree with squibbit that her jaw could come out a bit more… beside some of the things that have been said, i noticed that her eye could come down and back a bit-- it seems to be a little floaty. but again, great start and i look forward to seeing updates.



soo…how about an update ?


Nice mood and colours, but like others pointed out, some anatomy probs. It would be useful if you used a reference pic for this. The eye should be moved down and to the left, and I think her chin can be smaller and the lower lip a bit receded. pay attention to the muscular structure of the neck too. You can have this stylized look and mood without sacrificing these anatomic details.

I especially like the contrast between the lights in the helmet and the eyes, and the rest of the picture!


Thanks everyone for the comments! Really great suggestions. As for an update I hope to have one for tonight. I got swamped with a ton of work last week and I didn’t have any time to touch this piece. But I will push myself to do something tonight.

Thanks once again everyone! :slight_smile:


As promised, I did some work on this piece tonight. I have a feeling I might miss the entry deadline because I am going on vacation next week and I won’t be back till the 24th :frowning: But, you never know. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I really like this update because it is a great improvement from the last one when you compare the womens face. Took a while to add some more detail so perhaps all that is left is colouring? Unless you guys see some other details that need to be fixed, I think I am more or less ready for painting??? …huhh… huh… :slight_smile:


Maybe its just me, but her neck seem extraordinaraly long. Could you maybe shorten in a tad?


looks nifty to me!! i cant wait to see the finished product even if it doesnt make it on time

but just in case…get a move on with the painting;)


I like it, it reminds me of 80’s Heavy Metal magazine, specifically Druillard or Moebius. As far as the skin goes, i think it looks fine the way it is…


Cool design.
Hope you get it finnished in time.
my comments: I think that the eye migth be slightly to high up, and maybe a bit to far forward (screen right).



pretty nice design,but i think the neck seems alil too long.keep it up man…i’d sure like to see more updates:)