female warior spirit


This image is almoust finisched so i’m gonna throw it in :slight_smile:
comments and critics are most welcome .

cheers !


hrmm…the painting looks great, but i think id like to see the sword arm come out infront of her hip maybe, cause that looks weird with the arm behind her hip and her hand infront of her leg

also, maybe in a bit more of a fighter stance, even just having her legs spread a bit more and her knees bent in a ready position might help her look just a bit more animated?

iunno…it looks good as a painting, but the action in the picture needs more is what i think



Yes the arms should be in front of the hips, both of them, maybe her eyes could be a little smaller and I think there’s a little to much space between her thighs.

Other than that, looks great :thumbsup:


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