Female Vampire, Neil Fontaine (2D)


Title: Female Vampire
Name: Neil Fontaine
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

You can check the link to watch the speed video of the painting being painted. The video is sped up from 3.5 hours to 8 minutes.


I used photoshop CS and a graphire 6x4 tablet. It is based on a friend who does some modeling. I used my own color pallet because I usually don’t like the colors in photos.

I used a grid for the quick sketch. If you want to see how I work you can watch the video, thanks. Critique is welcomed.


Very nice vampire female ! I like your colour palette and the way you aply colour. It really gives the sentation of a traditional medium, like oil or acrylic :thumbsup:


thanks. I was sort of going for a Caravaggio look, but modern. I try not to work my paintings to much because I don’t want them to lose the painted look.


nice lighting and shadowing :thumbsup:


Amazing artwork;i love it:love:


You call this 3 hour speed paint?

I would not be able to paint like that if I even had 24 hours and a gun to my head.

you are so good.


amazing wokr guy , i love the work , someday i want paint as you hahauhau congrats for you


Nice palette! I think, however, if you’re going for the ‘painterly’ look, you need to make that tattoo equally painterly, not an obvious brush. It IS on skin, and will therefore be subject to the skin’s texture. Pretty face…but I’m not buying that far hand. The nails really should be laying atop the skin, not puncturing through. IHMO. :wink: Kinda feels like a cop-out. But for three hours? Hey, you deserve a few shortcuts.


Very nice vampiric female!
I like a lot the colors but I would prefer also some more texture on her skin :slight_smile:


CGriffin, haha, I was hoping no one would notice that. It was a total cop-out. What happened is I did not give my self enough room for the nails, i tried to paint them on top the skin but then they looked as if they were ripping off her fingers. I thought darn I will have to repaint the whole arm to fix this, ah forget it, she is into pain and sticks her self just for fun. She heals almost instantly so it sort of makes sense, in a cop-out sort of way, hehe.

Tatoo was a last minute thing. So I cheated. Used an Illustration. I think I will paint a different tattoo on her skin to fix that.

Betito - Well considering some of the masterpieces artist on this site whip out in 3.5 hours, I feel like an amateur. Thanks for the compliment though.

Thanks everyone it inspires me to keep learning.

Lady-Katerina - By more texture you mean going in with a small brush and adding the little imperfections and what not right? At least that is the only way I know of doing it besides using a home made brush with texture and scatter or something. Any tips of skin textures to save me time would be much appreciated. I think I will work this painting some more and re-upload. Because it links from my server it would update on this page as well.


Heh, nice. I like the lighting too.

She reminds me of an Ex-girlfriend of mine, long past. The fact that she is a vampire here is… heh, funny.


nice pose sexy face nice speed paint 4*:thumbsup:



This is a really nice drawing. I also watched the Utube speedpainting and checked ur other ones too.

Out of subject but, it would be cool if u can make a video like the one u made… but just pointing some close ups to painting… Thank you


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