female transformer colord..........


by quintesson1


Now let see a transformed version.


already done…


… as the fan of TF i can say … THIS ART IS SO DAMN GOOD !! it’s not just good it’s really amazing !!try to find some job at dreamvaweprod !!!


thx~~~~~~~~…not easy to find job there…already have other job, pity…


agree in all points. really cool.


thx anyway/////


You got those transformers down. You ever thought of working for Dreamweave studios. or productions (not sure which one, the last one).
There’s the link

You can hang with these guys.

Keep them Coming.


they are professional artist.
i am not…/////


Dude your a better artist than many people.

I’ma huge TF fan and your two look exelente!!


Beside its not as though you can’t draw consider yourself lucky man!!

By the way does those two combine to make the vehicleform or what.


looks very pro stuff , dude , wouldn’t worry about that

one question : you actually figured out how the robots
would transform to vehicles or just made
it look the way it might go ?


Like it,and yeah,that should be cool if we could see whazt they look like once transformed!!


thx ,an old post><,


Still like it loads and keep it up try drawing more I love to see some of my old favourites out there.

P.S Like the gun.


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