Female Revolution (nudity), Lee Paul Sinclair (3D)


Title: Female Revolution (nudity)
Name: Lee Paul Sinclair
Country: United Kingdom
Software: BodyPaint, LightWave 3D, Photoshop, ZBrush

Its a subdivision model which is roughly rigged.

This is work in progress, I have been studying the female form for years. Trying to get the quality that many artists on this website achieve. Much more work to do. Will post the head and wires if possible, I am new to this forum and just getting used to the posting procedures : )


This is just really lovely and shows understanding of the (realistic) human form.


Everything from the hips and up look like a man. I think the shoulders are too wide.


yes, she looks a little, like a man. but it give her a realistic look .

amazing modelisation and texturing !:buttrock:

please, more shots:bounce:

:applause: :applause: :applause:


As previously mentioned the shoulders seem a little wide. but I think the neck is probably what makes it look a little too manly, make it more slender.

Beautiful model tho, extrememly realistic. :slight_smile:


It’s nice and very realistic :slight_smile:

Good job !


a little too fat i think


First, excellent job and welcome to the forum. I think you modelled her great, the shoulders are broad, but I’ve known more than one who were built like that!
I think, on the whole, your texturing is excellent, just two gripes.

1: Looks like she just got a whipping, her butt is out of "synch" with the rest of her color scheme - looks like someone elses butt put on her!

2: Your hair piece (a hair accessory, i guess) is blending in with her head so that it is hard to see, and the blending mixed with the shadow is making it look like her head is dented! not what I look for in a woman! LOL [img]http://cgtalk.com/images/smilies/eek.gif[/img]

This is just what I think but, on the whole, you did a remarkable job. I have to agree witht the others who are asking for more shots, also a couple wires to see your technique.
Keep it up!



more views more views plis!

:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


The upper part of the body is way too stiff. The shoulders should be tilted more. And the left side of her abdomen should be curved.


Very realistic shader.
Great work.:applause:


Wow! Nice work! Real nice shaders there!

Though, i do admit with others, she looks like a man above the hips.


Great work.

I can’t believe someone commented she was too fat! What a ridiculous thing to say.
The imperfections are what make her realistic.


great one,but the shoulders are too wide,she looks like a man. the uttermost/largest point of a woman are the hips …and the legs looking a little bit…strong, but thats my own opinion…



I was about to say the fat thing was a ridiculous comment, but IC12 already beat me to it!

I would say yes, reduce the width of the shoulders a little (not by a great amount, just a little), and also the neck. Oh… And tell me what shaders you’re using! :smiley:


All right, you should not give a damn about others criticizing the girl. As someone mentioned inperfections make it real.
On the other hand she is exactly my taste, I’m not for Barbie-like bodies. (I’ve been a swimmer, went to the pool with even more able-bodied girls for years , maybe that’s why I like broad shouldered girls, and dont feel it’s masculine at all.)
And if we’ll see her from the other side, I bet she wont have those silicon-like things instead of natural breast, what most cg artists used to create.
Great job, go on!


Cheers guys, thank you all very much for your comments. All though my pride and personal tastes have some what been dented? She looks like a man I hear some cry! Your right she does. I havent much experience in lightwave with rigging, so the deformations are pretty bad, If someone is willing to lend me a rig and some tips I would be eternally greatful!

firestar3d vbmenu_register(“postmenu_1799787”, true); : I am using Lightwave to render and I have just bought G2 ( for SSS ) and I am messing around with it, I would love to convert to the dark side and use Max, HairFX is amazing and so is brazil.

I will try as soon as I can to post some wire images etc. Im not to sure how to add extra images to this post, as I am just a humble noobster.


Off topic, but it’s funny how some people try to overtake over people’s opinions with theirs.
My opinion is that her shoulders are a bit wide. I base that on the fact that my wife, and her family are from asia, and it’s not common to see asian women, who are not body builders, or swimmers, etc, with wide shoulders. My opinions are in no way disrespecting the artist.


I like the character the way it is. Perhaps the neck is a tad thick but thats not to say there aren’t women that have necks like that. Great color and lighting.


I have to agree with some people saying that she looks like a man from the waist and down. Sorry! :shrug: You need to tone the female proportions a bit more. Her skin looks good though.