female: revisited


Found this model in some archive and found some time to remodel some parts.
Amongst others replaced the shoulder to achieve a better edge flow.

Looking or comments on that and overall body build.
There’s no hyper-femaleness in the face and that’s how I want it: a rough kind of brat-like-warrior-female-type, comments on improvements are always welcome though.

Curious for your opinions.


one more …


Animation-test proved to be successful: Mesh is reacting OK, no strange deformations no more.
Will reduce the volume of the shoulder-heads though, a bit too bulky right now.


aiai … rebuild the eye-casing and once pulling some vertices it became more … and more …
And now have a new face … lost the boyish look, I’m afraid. Maybe I’ll try to brinf it back in a bit lateer on …

Also inserted an extra ring in the shoulder/ clavical to create some more vertices to be able to create more detail and better deformation.


Your topology is very off in places. Especially in the face you have a lot of pinching due to a very high number of (partially avoidable) triangles. Maybe you’ve kept them because realistic faces are never perfectly smooth, but this is not the right way of getting that look. Same goes for the body, try to get rid of all these ngons and triangles

You need more edgeloops around the elbows and fingers to deform properly.

Regarding your animation-test, this is not how shoulders move. The center of rotation is wrong and the area of deformation is too small. Check this site to see how it should look like. Visit the main page to access more examples for other parts of the body.


Little outdated post, and abandoned this particular (personal) project (after more improvements) some time ago, but thanks for taking the time to place a comment.

All are valid, and will take them in account whenever I start a similar project.

As character modeling is not my core-business, this might take a while, though.

Thanks again.