-Female MechTrooper Black Elite-, Kenny Carmody (3D)


Title: -Female MechTrooper Black Elite-

Name: Kenny Carmody

This is a female mech suit I have been working on the last past days in my spare time. Everything is modeled within ZBrush only used 3dsmax to get a quick topo out of each piece. There are around 117 subtool pieces which were all modified with ZModeler brush.
Created the base with ZSphere and Dynameshed it, after that I worked with sculptris pro and the polygroupit function to get basic shapes.Rendered diffent styles in Keyshot,please let me know which one you all prefer most.
I will create a quick breakdown of the woman, I already put up a mini breakdown of the drone which is also modeled completely with zmodeler.
Would love to take the modeling further, but for now the model is finished. Definantly want to take this model to proper texturing pipeline with Mari or Substance.

For more images please check them out on my artstation:

Hope you all enjoy and happy sculpting! smiley

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