Female Head #4


Hi again, this is my four attemp to make a head, and the second for a woman. Its really hard so maybe some advices can help me to improve topology and anatomy.
The shape is a little rounded, because the reference woman is a little fat.
Now I look the head and I don’t like at all, and I dont know why :shrug:
(the ears are not done yet…)

last picture at 11/15/04

another updates at bottom :smiley:


Looks like a good start, my only cit would be the nose looks a lil big for a girl? unless she does have a really big one :twisted:




Really good, especially the lips, but it looks like a dude not a girl, and where are the ears. On top of the lips there are alot of polys, that’s gonna make it harder to animate. But it’s still better than what i can do.


thanks ywn, all the ppl notice that, I’m missing something very important to make a female look, maybe the shape or the jaw? I don’t know. I’ll make the ears this weekend :smiley:


the ear… (is not attached yet)


Tha jawbone (mandible) is too big - goes too far back. On the side view, it is roughly in the centre. That’s where the ear attaches (ear hole just behind the bone of the jaw).

Angle of the ear looks odd - needs to be more vertical.
Top of the ear lines up to eyebrow, bottom of the ear to just below the nose.

Nostrils need work. So does upper lip - not that concave.


thank ruad, these are really good observations, I’ll try to fix it. Can you put a picture with red lines to guide me better?


the jaw line is still wrong, I’ll try to fix it later…

edit:update on top


Her features doesn’t look feminine enough. Probably u need to do somemore changes to it. Would helps if u do more drawing from some anatomy pics, would definitely helps alot for modeling :slight_smile: Keep it up!


Here’s my take at it:

  1. Nostril area needs to be more rounded
  2. More defined cheekbone, helps with the feminine look
  3. Eye ridge needs to be pulled up and given a more forgiving ridge
  4. Ear needs to be twisted so its only slightly tipped back
  5. Lips need to be sized down a touch, the area above the lips has too much of valley from the side view. Resizing the lips will help, if not might need to pull it out a touch too.


thanks a lot for the time guys.

nitefyre, your tips are very good, this is my result with your 5 recomendations.


I would raise the cheek bone a bit. Maybe.


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