Female hairstyle using Hairfarm in 3dsmax WIP


I am modeling a hairstyle for a female character using Hairfarm plugin in 3ds max - I have a WIP and I am trying to figure out if can I improve the result. At the moment the front part of hairstyle is not done (fringe/bangs) and the head geometry is a stand-in. I use Vray with GI as renderer.

When rendering the hair with Hairfarm renderer, I kept getting odd results similar to Z-fighting. I switched to transforming the hair to geometry and rendering it with translucent material, this takes very long to render though and has somewhat of unintended matte texture. Maybe different settings in generate/kink/wisp modifiers could help with the texture? Or should I try to figure out if I can get a good result from Hairfarm renderer instead? I will provide more renders, viewport grabs or info if needed.

The desired style of the hair is to look similar to a blend between hairstyles of Luv and Joi in Blade Runner 2049 (a bit less immaculate than Luv, but not quite as messy as Joi)
<apparently the forum doesn’t let me link screencaps>


This is the finished version. I am still looking for advice how to set the modifiers, because I am not 100% happy with what I got here.


this is really cool