Female Face Study, Jonas Thornqvist (3D)


Title: Female Face Study
Name: Jonas Thornqvist
Country: Sweden
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Started out as a simple head study, both for technical and artistic purposes.
It was such a long time since I modeled a female face from scratch and I wanted to give it a go again.
I had a lot of problems deciding what image to do with it, and even though I had some crazy, ambitious plans for a while this is how it ended up…
Modeling in 3dsmax, Low and high-poly sculpting in zbrush, textures in Photoshop and rendered in mentalray.


I love it. There are strange dark areas on the chin and below the neck … No other crits!
I guess - well deserved 5 stars!:bowdown:


Good job man! Really excellent. It looks real! :thumbsup:


really great work ! i like it so realistic :thumbsup:


Beautiful work man.:thumbsup:


very impresive likeness and amazing subtlelity in the modeling :thumbsup:

only thing that doesn’t work much for me is the white of the eyes shading …




Great work man;)


Front page material. Just perfect*****


great !!! front page stuff !!!:thumbsup:

will “Dear Anne” have the same quality ?


She look very nice Jonas :slight_smile:

Like all your work is very realistic and skin and materials have life :slight_smile:
That female remind me very well the Isdraelian actris Natalie Portman (the Princes Amidala of Star Wars)


You are nice and i love your talent :bowdown:
Complimenti! Bravo. :applause: :applause:



Haven’t seen you on here for a while! Amazing stuff! The most realistic face I have seen in ages. Your skin shading and lighting are fantastic. If I could give some constructive crit though - maybe the forehead seems a little lifeless? Too much green in the defuse or something? Oh… and the thing that initailly stood out to me was the right eye seems to be a little offline… pointing out to the right too far, maybe just me :stuck_out_tongue: (tiny things :P) Anyway Respect!


Excellent work, very realistic. Good work with both the lights and the render. I think that they can put on the front page. Congrats, 5 stars from me :applause:


I have nothing to say exept well done …:bounce:


wow the skin looks so really,and I like it very much .I want to know how to make the shade of the skin


This is beautiful! Well done!


of course five stars :thumbsup:


fantastic work!!! 6 stars!


amazing work Jonas!

Is it the high poly model you have rendered
or the low poly with displacement?

I need to know how to render displacement maps
with mental ray…Any tips or links on that?

Anyway, 5 stars :wink:


Jonas: only two wordZ - frontpage stuff:thumbsup: :applause: