female character: kira


Well, here’s my latest 3D exploit. Her name is Kira and while there’s a huge story behind who she is I’m not going to get into that here. I’ve posted at a few other boards, but got nothing in return, so I hope to at least get a comment on my work here. Enough talk, here’s the pictures.

There are a few things on the model (hands/fingers, and toes) that look unfinished. It’s because they are, but because I intend to have the character in clothes including gloves and boots, I didn’t feel it important to include a lot of detail in those areas. I’ve spent some weeks working on this so I’d appreciate some comments at least on what’s good, what’s bad, and what needs to be improved. Updates will be posted when I can get to them.


hey man, looks like ya put a lot of work in that, though some things look a bit weird, the calf (??) is a bit big for a women, sticks too far out in my opinion… and u must work on the knees a bit more, next to that the model is lookin fine, cna u show a non-wire smoothed view?


i think $imon is more the right,the knee is to low.
Is she for animation ???


character proportion looks weird but she is skinny so guess its ok then.Possible needs more work on knees imho.

$imon : I believe the calf will be smooth after sub-div,meshsmooth,relax etc.


$imon - The entire body will have meshsmooth applied once I’ve done some final tweaking. You’re probably right about the knees being too low. I’ll either need to raise them or adjust the length of the lower leg to compensate. I’ll get those smoothed images up ASAP.

Biped - Yes, she will be animated.

In general, I’d like to consider this model mostly done, at least as far as the body is concerned. I want to texture it soon, and make some clothes. If anyone here is familiar with texturing in 3ds max (ver. 5 and 6), I’m curious as to the best way to go about texturing a hi-poly character. This is only my second time modeling a person and my first time texturing one.

Thanks for the crits everyone.


$imon : I believe the calf will be smooth after sub-div,meshsmooth,relax etc.

thats why i asked for a smoothed version :wink:


The knees obviously need some work…I’m not sure how I overlooked such a big area. I’m doing a little more work in the hands now and I need to touch up the eyes and the nose, and the stomach area. Updates to come soon.


It’s coming along well. That hand close-up brings out some issues in the hand and wrist though. The wrist is too rubbery, you need more bone definition at the point where the wrist bones meet the radius and ulna. The fingers are a bit thin, and they’ll animate a lot nicer if you define the knuckles more clearly.

I’m curious what you’re planning to do with her. What kind of animation?


Thanks for pointing out the issues with the fingers, I’ll add that to the list of things I need to work on. As for the wrist, it does look a little floppy, but she’ll be fully clothed when I finish and the animations I’m including her in won’t expose much more skin than what can be seen on her head.

Honestly, I’d like to detail the hell out of everything, but I have some time constraints. She’ll need to be skinned and rigged within a month and animated shortly after. In one animation she’ll be shooting a bow at some enemies and talking, and in the other, she’ll be doing some acrobatics with swords in hand. Perhaps when I’ve finished modeling, I’ll post more on those animations.


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