Female character - FEMBOT WIP


Here’s something what I did for a school project. I think I’m gonna change the legs and maybe arms too. And I know that she’s got HUGE boobs :eek:, but hey I like boobs!:love:


close-up of the head.


here’s wireframe


300 views and no comments. Conclusion this model SUCKS!


Heh, well, i don’t think your robot sucks. But if it does, it can join my android to a revenge


Don’t be so hard on yourself. It isn’t that bad, really. I will tell you where to improve it if you don’t object. No? Okay.
You need to get rid of the Popeye arms and legs. They serve no purpose and make the android seem unbalanced/unfinished.
Those joints on the arms don’t look like they will work very well.
The exposed, tiny spine also makes this android seem unfinished.
Sorry, but the sections on the head seem to serve no function.
Lose the bikini! Have some consistency in the design to make it look like it was better thought out. Did you do a concept sketch first? If not, do several. Think it out on paper before you do it on the computer.
What is the androids purpose? To serve? To protect? Hard labor? Knowing this will help in the design process.
Look at other peoples androids and see what works and what doesn’t work. Think functional as well as what might be unique or an interesting design.
Keep plugging! :buttrock:


Hi diffa!
I know how it is to wait for a reply, don’t get disheartened though. I see you are new cause you have 17 posts so I’ll give you some hints about the list.

Its a good thing to get to know people if you want help, a good way to do that is to reply to others who are posting on the list. Don’t reply like “Oh you are God!” or “Oh you are crap” but take a look at their work and have an opinion about it. A good way to do this is to stay positive. If you think something is horrible or great mix your answer a bit, kinda like this:

Hi diffa!
I really like your wireframes although they look a little dense. I don’t get what is going on with the smoothing in the face though, looks like there is no smoothing at all. I think the concept is good but the head needs more work (features or character). I think the legs are a bit short. About the boobs, so many people do that maybe you could make her sexy in another way!

Hope to see more of this one as it progresses.
Greetings Kanga.

See that wasn’t so painfull
Bumping your thread by replying to you own post isn’t considered good manners so what you CAN do is post updates when you have an improvement you think is worth showing. Also later when you can have an avitar and a signature you can put a link to your wip thread so people can visit when you have helped them (if they want).

Hope this helps,… keep going.


Thanx all for your comments and tips. Maybe I was too keen to wait for any replys.


Its a nice robot , kaida reminds me of the T-x from T3
Maybe you can add more details like build a presure system , and some connections
but it is nice work , keep it up !:thumbsup:


Thanx all for your comments and tips. Maybe I was too keen to wait for any replys.
Hey thats ok man,
Do like I do and sometimes go through the list and when you see someone who has a 0 repies for 300 views, send them a reply, send them some encouragement!

I noticed more people ghave this problem so I wrote more here http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=162872
If you have nothing to do read a bit of it

Hope to see your work as it progresses
Greetings Kanga


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