Female character Chan (mild nudity)


Started working on my character from my concept design. I will need 2-3 more iterations to finish her. Perhaps those will be the most difficult. For now I will start making some hair.


“I think you made not bad, but not striking also” to use some words of you from an other thread here, showing a very nicely done character in my eyes. Your character looks already very good as well, but anatomically not throughout perfect yet (not talking about the specific look, the body type respectively).

Ok, let’s bury the hatchet… here some suggestions concerning your work:


Amazing Zokana… your notes are perfectly logical! You’re good man. Some points I will check, and with some I agree (with most). Thank you for your time. Ankles are also too much apart in terms of height.
-head size: she is 165 cm, so you guessed right. I will make he head a bit bigger, as you suggested.
-about the width of the body, I will check it. The shoulders are wide, I know, though I didn’t want to go for a perfect woman. Anyway, I think you’re right and I need to check it.
-forearm should be a bit longer, I agree
-“slightly lifted”. I guess you mean biceps being lifted too much outward?
-palms are even soo small regarding foot, they are correct regarding face, but I agree they can be smaller regarding her body type and height. That’s a good note regarding female anatomy. :thumbsup:
-“more continuous” - I totally agree, the line it too abrupt.
-“curve too strong” - I couln’t find what is particularly wrong with her hips. I looked at female fat charts, but it’s located mainly in the back part of the hips. It’s not clear how females can have such a strange form infront. Even though I did it wrong and you pointed out correctly, it’s still very different from male form. I’m still confused a bit about this part of muscles.
-“strange concave shape” - you’re right. It’s anatomy crisis still showing through.
-spine - yes, spine should be more bent in females than males, that’s right. I will check it also.

Generally, I agree my anatomy if not perfect and I know it. I need to take drawing classes. I made one year of anatomy study (we have 2 years), so maybe I can further improve.
Anatomy gave me some basic outlines, but the further the detailing, the more complex it’s to refine for me.


You’re seemingly taking modeling this lady very seriously. Accepting inputs while working on characters isn’t simple at all, because we all get used to shapes, including unusual shapes (probably to not be that picky while dating), but also to simply wrong shapes. The longer you’re working on a character the longer it takes to recognise mistakes. Corrections toward the correct form happens then (if at all) in tiny little baby steps, which can be speeded up by using some tricks. One of them is to watch the alternate shape for a while to get used to it.

IMO there are three major issues with your character, which are waiting to be recognised:

  1. The overall width
  2. The compressed pelvis (in Y)
  3. The long arms

I suggest to load my PO into PS together with the original render and to simply watch the PO for a few minutes. Switch then quickly to the original render and judge then… or do it with own POs or/and renders of resized models - it’s a good way to outfox the accustomed impression.

Keep up the good work!


I’d like to add that women, and especially young and a bit plumpy ones, don’t have so marked an Adam apple. If I had to see such a feature in real life, I’d become suspicious…
Sound model, keep working on it.


Zokana, Ebasta, thank you, I will fix those issues.
Some basic hair setup. Still looks not too good. I will need to make density maps, as in some places it looks too dense, and in some too sparse. Maybe I will try optimizing the speed, as one frame came to crawling 3 mins. Now back to modeling.


Here’s an update. :arteest:

I spoiled the face a bit, will try to bring it back in some aspects later. Though I don’t want to go for a “perfect woman” look, I like some shape definitions in the previous variant more.

Now back to hair.


The face is looking good, mister3D - i like especially the outer eyebrow area. Not so good now that outer curve of the lips imo. And maybe the typical Asian “epicanthal fold” could be more precise. Ears appear to be a tad too high, the high lobe is leaving a lot of space to the jaw. And isn’t the jaw line too straight (too narrow) right beside the chin?


Thank you Zoltan. I agree lips look a bit bow-like, very good point. Do you mean the epicanthal fold a bit small or should I make the fold there more prominent? About the ears, usually they write they are located between the brow line and the nose base, but in real life I saw different positions and angles. But maybe I will put it lower to check how it looks. About the high lobe position, I was taught it must be one ear down the jaw end, but it’s just a rule of thumb. I agree the jaw is too straight there, it should be rounder. Thank you for your time, you are very helpful. :thumbsup:


Looks like imageshack banned my image as porn. Whatever! We have another services.


Meant more the epicanthal fold at the inner eye corner which isn’t truly modeled, having right now a mixture of Caucasian and Asian type:

About the ears: don’t take it too seriously what people write in books when being old and having nothing else to do. Just joking a bit (but not fully :wink: ). Faces look extremely different - keep watching…


Thank you Zokana, good points!
I adjusted hair a bit. Still needs work.

Shadows make the look different, so I will adjust hair to look not so dense in some place. This is what I will aim for.


Made some more adjustments. I will add more chaotic hairs to long ones, and fix some intersections. Some chaotic hairs look too far away, and the frontal hair looks too compressed. Maybe some general noise could be used to break down the regularity. Maybe from the sides hair could be not so straight in places.


So far, so good. Now a few more for the long weekend:


hey the hair looks wicked what are you using for it?

The hair needs some layers to cover up the transition, which is all too apparent, between the side, back, and front.

There also needs to be some variation or breakup in the clumping of the hair. Some parts look like one large piece (clump) of hair. But, the hair looks much better from the previous attempts. So keep it up the progress.


Zokana, thank you once again. I learn with you so much. :thumbsup:
Jack, it’s hair-farm , a great plugin for 3ds Max. I agree with you, the hair still looks rough, I’m still learning.


Wow, what a nice asian female model.
It’s good to see a different body and face type, which can be very hard to model.
Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.


I’ll be busy with work for several days, and then get back to it. For now, there’s the concept I did and work from. I wil need to see how it matches current version.


Very nice concept drawings, Alexander! Percisely elaborated! Nonetheless, at a certain state of modeling i’d suggest to better leave the concept drawings and to use the advantage of a 3d application to correct shapes at other viewing angles, keeping an eye on the concept, but not being a slave of it.


That’s a good point, Zokana. Thank you for feedback.