Female body (nudity)



This is my very first attempt to model a full body and to actually finish a 3d model with bones(for animation), texture, clothing and with the right anatomy. I’m really looking forward to get some good critics and feedback on this one. I really need to learn alot now since I got so much feedback at my work and there’s alot of people that want me to create models for them, everything from guitars to chairs for children.

I have no idea how to make bones for animation and I’m not really sure how i set up a decent skin with textures. I’ve tried to set up a UVW map before with not much of a success.

I think we start with the modelling part :slight_smile:

Here’s two pictures.

Im currently working on the hands, which I think is pretty hard.

See you soon


Hi Vimmel,

You should check your proportions,The legs are too thin,especially round the knees an ankles. Looks like the arms are too long , too.
And the breasts are too round, i guess, they look too hard.
Are you gonna model the head too? For myself, it always helps me too get a better image of the general picture. If you’re not, maybe you can make a dummy-head, just for the proportions.

Hope this helps.
good luck…


Thanks for the comment man! It helps alot. The arms was just made that long until I got the hands, it’s easier to see how long they should be with the hands put on. I made the legs pretty fast just to see how they fit with the body and when you mention that they are too thin I have already thought of that. I just wanna see the full body to see the proportions.

I have had some problems with the breasts. I’m aware of their hardness and I’m going to reduce it, and probably make them a little bit smaller.

And yes, there is going to be a head too ofcourse :slight_smile:

Here is my wired lady, this time with hands that I’m not really happy with.

Critiques and comments are so welcome!


You got any close up (wires) of the hands too? from the top/bottom, cause i cant really tell how they look now.


Oh, I totaly forgot about tha hands :slight_smile:

Here you go!

Take care!


Looking pretty good for a first attempt. There are the usual anatomy problems, but nothing awful. I’d say the things to concentrate on if you are going for realism are changing the shape of the bottom of the ribcage to make it more natural, giving definition to structures like the illium ridges (hip-bone), clavicles and knees, and the belly is quite narrow and doesn’t look like it has weight. The proportions of the body are pretty good for a start, but will need more work.

I’ll be interested to see how you get on :thumbsup:


Thanks for the reply kirigoi, good feedback! My english is’nt that good, but I think I understod the most of it :slight_smile: I’ll see what I can do.

I really want this to be a good educational experiment for me and I will really appriciate that you follow me through this as you said your self :slight_smile:

I got many other projects at the time, but there will be some updates a little now and then. I got my work and I just have to keep my music updated and also I really wanna finish my website. Stuff like that.

If you guys are into drum 'n bass, psychadelicish, chillout, experimental and instrumental music just tell me. I need some feedback there too ^^

But hey! Now I’ll stick with the topic! Shame on me. I’ll keep you updated.

Take care


Hi, it’s just me again (could’nt resist) :wink:

I made some minor changes with the legs and the feet. I dont really know what to change, just that they have to be a little thicker and I dont know if I managed it. If I make them thicker she’ll just look like she’s soon blow up or something. I thinkened the knees a bit and I think it looks better now.

I made her breasts smaller and made them less hard and the ribcage was refined. The elbows and the rest of the arm is now refined a bit.

I rendered smaller versions this time, I think thats probably was a good idea :slight_smile:
Here they are.

A smoke and I’m of to bed. See ya tomorrow!


Hi, it’s me again…

Apart from the thumb, the hands really don’t look that bad. they could use a bit more detail on the knuckles, but thats for later…
The babyfinger looks a bit too long though.
i still think the ankles and thighs are too skinny, they need some more muscle/fat.
and like kirigoi said, the clavicles need some definition, now the upper torso looks too smooth.
keep up the good work:thumbsup:


Awesome feedback man! Im gonna work on all that when I get home, I’m probably going to add a dummy head today to see the proportions better. And make a better skin shader to see the shadows a bit easier. And the lightning, if you got any good idea about how to light it better to see details easier that would be very appriciated.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I’m using vray.

About the clavicles; I dont really know what that is actually ^^

Thanks for the replies! Keep them coming :stuck_out_tongue:


Clavicle = collar bone. See eg. here


Oh, thaaat one, thanks :slight_smile:

I haven’t even started to shape that one out. I’m going to work more with that tonight. And shape the neck so I can put a head on it too.




I got a thing that disturds me alot. Look at those images. I want the whole model to be in that kind of rough faces, not like the rest of the model. I dont have any idea why it is like that. I appriciate your help :slight_smile:


I assume your using MAX, so you should check your smoothing groups,
you can find then at the bottom of editable poly list.
then select all your polys and click clear all,and voila…


Wow, thanks alot tommie :slight_smile:


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