female anatomy problems


Ok I know there’s something wrong with this pose, her head juts doesn’t look right, maybe at a wrong angle or too big… I don’t have enough experience to know where the features should really go at this angle so I’m really guessing here. Hope someone with more experience can help me correct it.

updated picture a bit, something still seems off.


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Hey there.
I’m completely new to posting and probably don’t have any more experience so please don’t take anything I say too seriously, but I’ll try to help.

I think you may be right about the head being a little large for the body. Also to me the underside of the left breast (you’re left, not hers) seems too creased for the size and because she’s stretched backwards a little. Also to me her waist seems just a bit thick, though that may just be personal [font=Verdana]preference. [/font]
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I don’t think the head is that big but at that angle it’s a bit difficult to tell. But the facial features do need to be adjusted, I think there is too much of the lips being shown mainly the top of the lower lip and the other side of the upper lip, a bit of the other side of the eye shouldn’t be shown, I think it’s more closer to a profile, the eye that is shown is too far out towards the top of the canvas; I’m not sure what you are going for but the eye seems like it’s floating a little and disconnected from the face. Oh wait I think I know why; it’s the ear, it is too far in front of the jaw line and it makes the eye seem off a bit. The base of the neck could be thin out a bit, it’s a bit thick considering the rest of the build of the body. I’m not sure but the armpit area seem a bit off also but that could be jsut me. Overall it’s a very good start and hope to see the finish version.


[i]Her head seems only a little large, but it’s mostly the overall shape of it that’s throwing things off. The hinge of her jaw comes back too far, and the way her hair lays, it implies the back of her head is really thick.

Her neck seems awfully thick. She’s clearly a delicate woman, so her neck should be slender as well.

Along that point, her chest doesn’t seem long enough for as broad as you’ve made her shoulders.

There’s the start of some good motion in her upper body, and then it all seems to just stop dead at her belly button.

I really hope I didn’t come off as overly harsh or anything. I don’t want to. I’m just trying to point out the spots you can improve, see how it develops from here.


ok tried to make some of these changes. head still seems bit weird to me tho.

edit: made head smaller and it looks a bit better now, don’t know how to fix the neck though.


that is just way too bright for my PC to handle, cant see a thing


[i]I found a swimsuit model pose that might help you a little.



playing with the image bit more, showed it to my boyfriend and he said it reminded him of rebirth and it made sense so went with that idea some more.

It’s suppose to look like the hand is coming up from the ground, and this thing is just coming out of it.


I see some problems on Woman’s neck , arm and below giant hand … Otherwise good going , keep up :slight_smile:


Yeah the neck where it connects to the head is not looking anotomically correct. also the lower portion of the face doesn’t seem right I think it’s the chin area. But it’s looking good and I love the layout and concept.


not to offend you but you have been drawing guys too much :stuck_out_tongue: I can tell because women dont have adams apples (the lil hump in the middle of he neck) its more a a guys trait to have an adams apple, thats all that really caught my eye at first glance if you fix that this would look great


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