Fellowship Of... Cat??, Lich (2D)


Title: Fellowship Of… Cat??
Name: Lich
Country: Hongkong
Software: Photoshop 6

nothing more than 3 girls flocked together in front of a pet shop watching cats…
this one is going to comic world 18, to be held in hong kong end of this august… a little bit too late asking for crits heehee
anyway…thanks for viewing


I like it, its very bright and colorful. Nice detail with the blue haired girls hand pressed on the window. :thumbsup:


Hey thats very good, one quick question…

I was at you’re website and it’s named and you’re board name comes off very dark… but all you do it draw cute girls who are very happy… why is that when you come off so dark?


thanks :love:

i loved drwaing monsters, demons, undead, human remains in the old days… but not anymore…and i’m too lazy to renew those “features” of my website heehee


Well anyway, you seem to be a good artist. I hope to see you’re future work ^^


Great Job. I love the colors!


Funny work really amusing collors!


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