Feet stuck on IK when Leg is FK


Hey guys,

I have this rig that I enjoy using but the final version of the rig that I have what I think is a small problem. I don’t know rigging enough to fix this I never rigged a character with FK IK switching.

The problem is when i make the legs FK, legs work correctly but the feet still gets rotation information from the ik feet controller instead of the fk controller. This wasn’t happening at the earlier version of the rig so I know that the rigs built generally supports this so it should be an easy fix. I don’t want to use the previous version of the rig because this version has a lot of new features in it.

I put both version of the rigs side to side see if there is a constraint missing but it looks identical to me in the outliner. I tried adding a constraint myself didint work. What shoud I do?



Is this really that hard? I need help as soon as possible :confused:


Seeing the image no rig issues can be figured out !
Download Vehicle Rig


I can send you the rig if that will help?


Sure! But I will look into it tomorrow morning only it’s mid night here.