FEEDBACK: Post here your take on the old challenges!


Hi arvindfx1,

Nice work. :slight_smile:

Night Image

[li]The side of the bed opposite the window seems like it could use a bit more shadow; it feels like it’s a bit too illuminated.
[/li][li]The image seen through the window makes it feel like it’s early dusk and the room feels more like late night.
[/li][li]Assuming the light through the window is moonlight, the materials on the bed and the smaller poster seem like they should be less saturated … closer in appearance to the tall poster.

Day Image

[li]It seems like there’s an additional source of light illuminating the radiator under the right window.
[/li][li]The side of the bed opposite the window seems like it could use a bit more shadow; it feels like it’s a bit too illuminated.



I took a stab at one of the old challenges because I wanted to try a small interior scene.

Rendered in Vray for 3dsMax. Uses 3 rectangular lights and an HDRI. Render took about 3 hours.

This is right out of Max, no touch-ups or comping. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Nicely done. :slight_smile:

Definitely makes me feel like I’m at my favourite greasy spoon. :wink:

Lighting and shadows feel believable to me. The reflection of the objects “into” the table is a nice touch.

Material-wise, the chrome seems a bit “too polished” but that’s my personal opinion. The glass of the Pepper Shaker and Vinegar bottle seems out of sorts; the pepper seems transparent and vinegar less opaque than I would have expected.



Thanks for the feedback. The chrome material has been bothering me too, I’ll tone down the reflectivity for the next iteration.


hi hgagne, sorry for late reply, stuck in work.
here’s my updates image.


Hi arvindfx1,

No apologies required for my part; life always interrupts my plans. :wink:

Looks good; the radiator seems too illuminated for the rest of the scene … almost like there’s a light coming from behind the desk that is near the floor.


BTW, it may be easier to get feedback if folks could see the image in the post instead of clicking a link - here’s some info on achieving that. You’ll need to encapsulate the link in image tags instead of url tags.


Hello ! I will have a more stable connection in one week :slight_smile: Keep posting I will write feedback soon.


Done playing around with this one I think. It was pretty fun, thanks for the model Giorgio.


Here are my attempts at two past challenges.

A little image for no smoke scene. It was done in maya and renderman studio 18

And here’s a link of a quick video for haunted hallway which was done using v-ray for maya


I would love to receive feedback on those two pieces!!

Thank you very much!


Hi all !
Here are my attempts at two past challenges too :


  1. LAMBORGHINI lighting/compositing

2.a. Tracking a real plate

2.b. Full 3D shot

Comments & critics are welcome.




here is my finished test,someone said my scene lighting is not bad,but the character lighting need to be modified,but I am not sure .post here for everyone to comment .here are two warm/cool mood.


Hi everyone,
here is my test images…Iam beginner in lighting an this is my first test.
I have done 2 scene (morning) and 1 scene (night)
so everyone is welcome to give me feedback…thanks all


I did this as an exercise trying to create 2 different moods using RGB lighting, I used Maya and Nuke (I’m still learning). I didn’t realize I could post it to get feedback so here it is, from an old lighting challenge. Constructive feedback is most welcome :slight_smile:


I’ve to say that having a look at this thread is always a pleasure where you can find really small gems. I will give more accurate feedback soon as possible due to my mad internet connection :wink:
Keep going and keep posting ! Great work so far


hello all, first time posting here :D. so I am new to this whole lighting challenge thing. I am just a student trying to get better. I am using Arnold to render because I am doing a project on it and i want more experience with it. Let me know what you guys think :D.


@ Eric
your entry is reat. Vray really kick when working on photorealistic glasses :wink: Why don’t you try to enhance a bit of dirt and scratches around to make the image look even more realistic ? BTW it’s really a terrific image ! Bravo !
@ Shied, I love the shaders of the smoke-no smoke challenge. the metals is terrific. Can you also post the breakdown of the scene ? Hunted Hallway also look great and impressive ! Just terrific ! Again the shders/texture are great !
@ Tit co. I like a lot the lighting of the scene even if the colors of the salt and pepper looks a bit weird ! Also you can add a bit of scratches to the materials to make it more realistic !
@One piece man. the shaders to me look goods. In the second image I probably would avoid the shadow to go on the face of the lady since it looks a bit distracting. Overall Great images !
@ Sheno. The first image (which is the “complete one”) it’s a good start. I suggest you to post the lighting setup using just a grey shader and also the shader test. About the materials the occlusion is fine but I will add a bit more variation ! Good start keep going and posting
@ GabrielaSanchez I like the different mood setup ! If you are also going for the photorealistic route you should add a bit of dirt/scratch to the shaders and also to refine a bit them (the glass of the bottles and glass of wine) also pls post the light setup in order to have more feedback :wink:
@Miguel I like the very clean and unhuman interior of the spaceship. I would just add a bit of overall contrast to the image. Now is not clear where the lighing is coming from.but great image overall and keep going
@all KEEP POSTING :wink: Great entries let’s have fun together


Hey, have had a go at the Film Noir challenge. Here’s the first beauty pass + AO + DOF. Could use some feedback if anyones free :)?



Anyone got the scene on Challenge #4 (Bottle Collection)? :slight_smile:


@ Evemy great start. In my monitor it looks a bit dark. You can make a try to add a small of fill light to focus more on the hand with the gun (just a bit of omni) I will love to see more.
Just wait a bit before jumping in to challenge 4 :wink: a surprise is coming


Hi all. Been following CG talk off and on for a few years now, since I got into CG art and lighting and rendering specifically back in 2009. The challenges have been such a fantastic way to really explore ideas and the technical side of different render engines. I can’t say enough how wonderful it is to have this, so with that would like to post a few from the Xmas Challenge. These were done over the last year and a half as a means to learn and explore Maxwell Renderer.

Thanks for looking.