FEEDBACK: Post here your take on the old challenges!


You can post here all your image about old challenges. And hopefully all the community will give you feedback :slight_smile:


Greetings everyone.

I did this to test my lighting knowledge. I haven’t done any editing on this scene except with a little bit of Windows Photo Editor exposure quick-fix. I kinda hope to get feedback. Thank you. (Please bear with my English)


Hello ! Sorry for the late reply :wink:
It’s a very good start. First of all I will start fixing a bit the shaders of orange and bananas, the reflectivity of the dish and then contrast a bit more the light in the image :slight_smile:


I originally submitted my image for the smoke/no smoke challenge here but then I realised the challenge was still open so I’ve edited my post and moved my submission to the appropriate challenge thread. sorry!

Nice image Wan… I like the fact that you’ve paid attention to getting brighter parts of your image to bloom a bit. What I would say is that the bananas bump is too intense and that you are using the wrong kind of image map to drive the bump. also, the texture of that leaf on your apple doesn’t seem like the right one to use. Personally I think your lighting is very nice, I would just focus on shaders & textures- that is what is letting your image down. the cloth is very nice


I think, technically, the realism is pretty good, the glass looks nice, you’ve got some caustics happening and so on. Looking at the composition though, it’s good but I I think there are a lot of distracting elements. Judging by the depth of field, it looks like you want the glass to be the centre of focus. The bright elements around the glass; the reflection off the box, the ash tray and the jar; are distracting, it’s not easy to decide where to look. Also, to me, the placement of the items looks a little staged, you want to place the items so they fit nicely in the frame but also so they look like you just happened upon this configuration by chance.

Edit: Just saw that the gallery thread for this challenge is still open, you should submit this there, this is a strong piece.


Haha, yes thanks Kev. I just noticed it was still open too so I edited my post above ;). Thank you very much for your feedback. I think I’ll submit before time runs out and then look at the scene and make some changes for future :slight_smile:


Everyone, I just wanna say thank you so much…I never expected so many comments and insightful advice about this render. I truly appreciate them. I can see very clearly now what I should focus more into.


I never can upload my final image for the challenge “Gusteau´s kitchen”, so i let the final image here, hope you like.


Hi Folks,

Trying my hand at lighting & rendering by slowly working my way up from Challenge #01 (fruit bowl) … realize it’s not the “latest & greatest” of challenges but I figure I’d start at the beginning. :slight_smile:

As I’m somewhat still a n00bie to the forum, what I’m curious about is: should I bother posting the work I do on the challenges for feedback? If so, should it be in this thread or a new thread?




post here for feedback :slight_smile:


Appreciate the response; below is my attempt at the first lighting challenge; C&C’s welcomed and appreciated.



Late afternoon on a clear fall day (aug/sep); window facing South/West.


f/16@35mm, AoV: 32.14 Degrees, DoF: 30.317, SA: 144, Gamma

Render Passes

Ambient Occlusion and Beauty . No post-processing, saved from FCHECK to .TIF and .JPG (.JPG posted).

Scene Details

[ul]Subsurface scattering applied to Red/Green grapes[/ul]
[ul]Slight bump map applied to Cloth, Banana, Apple, Cherry, Plums (aka ASKDAN’s)[/ul]
[ul]Shaders: stems (Lambert), Apple/Banana/Cherry/Pear/Orange (Blinn), plums (PhongE)
[ul]Lights: #01/#02/#03 cloth color, no shadow (area), #04 fill color, no shadow (area), #05 fill color soft blue, no shadow (ambient), #06 key color 3200K outside, Raytrace shadows, gobo (spot)[/ul]


Modeling: Dan Wade, Jeremy Birn, Hilaire Gagne (minor cleanup)
Textures: Jeremy Birn, Hilaire Gagne (minor cleanup)
Lighting & Shaders: Hilaire Gagne
Renderer: Maya Mental Ray



Hi everyone, here´s my version of an old challenge done last week. The Carnival.
What do you think?


it’s a very good start for the carnival challenge, try to make the balloons a bit more translucent. The pavel look good but I would add a bit of dirt to it and also a bit less reflective. The lighting is very good even if I would fade a bit the streak of light from the lamp which is a bit too dark. Also try to find some reference for your night shot. A fancy varaition can be to simulate a longer esposure and add motion blur !

P.S. I will add feedback also for the fruitbowl hopefully soon ! in the meantime check the new challenges !


Hey Jojo, thanks for the reply, I agree with your feedback, the balloons need more translucence maybe I change the colors of some of them too. Indeed the ideia is to simulate a long exposure shot. I´ll make some changes and post the results again here!



Below is my attempt at the first script of the “Four Scripts (#02)” lighting challenge; C&C’s welcomed and appreciated.



_____MEG glides through the house, precisely following Hank’s
_____directions to the washroom. She passes through A WELL-APPOINTED
_____KITCHEN. MEG pauses to glance at A BOTTLE OF VINTAGE MERLOT
_____sitting unopened on the table. She smiles in anticipation and
_____continues through the moonlit expanse.


f/16@28mm, DoF: 11, FRS: 4, AoV: 47.93 Degrees, SA: 144, Gamma, Normalize

Render Passes

Ambient Occlusion and Beauty. No post-processing, saved from FCHECK to .TIF and .JPG (.JPG posted).

Scene Details

[ul]Texture images applied to Window plane, Wine Bottle Front/Back Labels[/ul]
[ul]Procedural Textures applied to remaining scene objects[/ul]
[ul]Slight bump map applied to Floor, Backsplash, Banana, Apple, Stem, Cork, Cushion[/ul]
[ul]Shaders: Window plane/Stem/Ceiling/Paper Towel (Lambert), Banana/Plums/Pear/Cabinet/Door/Trim/Bottle/Label/Seal/Wine (Blinn), Plum (Phong), Fan Light/Apple/Table/Chair/Counter/Floor (PhongE), Sink/Faucet/Tap/Wall (Anisotropic), Apple (Layered Shader)
[ul]Lights: #01 fill living room (area, raytrace shadow), #02 key moonlight (directional, raytrace shadow), #03 rim window frame/wine bottle (spot), #04/#05 under cabinet (area, raytrace shadow), #06 Window Matte/Plane (ambient, no shadow), #07/#08 rim chair back (spot), #09 bounce ceiling (spot, raytrace shadow), #10 fill hallway (area, raytrace shadow), #11 bounce floor (area)[/ul]


Modeling: Dan Wade, Hilaire Gagne (minor cleanup)
Textures: Maya Zest, Scott M Johnson, Oasim Karmieh, Mei Buckle, Peter Guthrie, Hilaire Gagne
Lighting & Shaders: Hilaire Gagne
Renderer: Maya Mental Ray



My attempt at the “Smoke, No smoke” lighting challenge

Used Maya & V-ray


Nicely done! How many lights did you use to accomplish the final scene? Like the work on your site btw.



Thanks Hilaire!! :slight_smile:

I’ve used two area lights and edited the HDRI to block some unwanted illumination.


@ tarnishoar very good start ! I would change a bit the texture of salt and pepper ! they look a bit odd.
I love the reflection on the spoon. Waiting to see more variations :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback Giorgio :slight_smile: Will work on it