FEEDBACK: Post here your take on the old challenges!


What? Noo! The fabric is the most realistic part of the image!



1st and maybe the last try for this One …


Hope it’s not too late. It already took so long for me to finish this.
(I’m thinking of fixing some area, and I just found
the front candle holder has no cast shadow…)
Any comments are welcome.

Thanks Jeremy and everyone at the original thread.
I really enjoyed and learened a lot from just reading it.

Maya(Mental ray), Aftereffects


@CGmm - That’s a lovely scene, thank you! (and I’m glad people are finally doing something other than just the fruit bowl in this thread!)

@SilentHell - That’s nice, but I can’t figure out what’s going on with the table. It seems to be dotted with glowing dots that don’t correspond to the candles or flames?

@jo_3d - Nice scene! The one on the right looks good, maybe the orange looks a little like paper mache instead of a real orange, but solid looking lighting overall.



Hi all

this is a first try to make Glass Matrial

Rindering on XSI 6 “4:30 Min” on BoXX Opteron Duo


Dunno how “haunted” I can get it but… it’s a hallway… :wink:



The .obj imported into Carrara Pro 5, which i recently acquired. I had to smooth a couple of the bottles. The wall, window frame textures are mine, rest are Carrara shaders, most I had fun playing around with. Use caustics @ 20% and a glare effect. not exactly perfect, but i’m still learning this more advanced program. off to read the manual…heh


I agree with your comments. If I find some time to spend on it I’ll post here the results

I missed your comment, Lol, yeah I think is more reallistic too but I was not sure if it was nice.


@L33tace - Good start with the bottles. For the “perfect” glass look, make sure you have things to see through the bottles and to reflect, then zoom in and do quicker renders with only 1 bottle visible, until you really have the glass shader working well, before you zoom out and show lots of bottles.

@BsBs - That wine bottle looks great. In terms of mastering glass, in a non-black environment it’s what you see through it and what you see reflected in it that make-up a lot of the look, so maybe you should move it into the kitchen scene or something.

@MasterZap - The shading and bounce light on that skull looks terrific. I really like the solid look of the wood-plank floors, too, even if the textures do see to continue from one board to the next. On the lighting in the hallway I’m not really sure where it’s going yet. I think one way to make a great leap forwards in lighting the hallway would be to do some research first, maybe search flickr or pbase for architectural reference pictures of corridors or hallways, and make something closely based on drawing inspiration from a real corridor or older building.



Thanks for the comment and for the tip Jeremy. :slight_smile:


Here is the first round of my fruit bowl. Would love any C&C.


@CourtneyCasper - That’s a terrrific image! I wouldn’t change much if I were you, overall the lighting is nicely balanced as-is. There’s on hard-edged shadow on the plate that could be fixed. The saturation leaves me wondering: there are lots of places where the fruit is going gray, as it get darker it moves into a reduced saturation grayness, I wonder if there could be a warmer color in the bounce light from the plate or a little occlusion with a warmer dark color. Also, the background is very saturated and monochromatic, maybe working that down and maybe having it mix the hues and saturation up a little would add to the scene.



hi all! ahh it’s good to be able to post again, it’s been 2 months since my last post. Anyway thanks jeremy for opening lighting challenge marathon. These are 2 different shots of the first lighting challenge that i have done about 5 months ago. I have put it in the first challenge forum but still no comment from anybody, so this is a chance for me to have comments on my renderings.

Shot #1 : Fruits in the dark

Shot #2 : Fruits & Fridge

well, i think that’s it. cheers…


heres my try on the fruit bowl

tell me what you think


neonbulbs - I love it! The “story” idea of the two images, one at night and one with the fridge open really shows a great level of control and ability to communicate with your lighting. They are both believable and on-target!

HDChris - Good start. Right now it looks underexposed. Even if you are trying for a “night time” look or something, there should still be some highlights or rims or kicks to bring out the contrast in the image.



hi _ this is my try on candle challenge



i never post my render :frowning:

kitchen challenge :

Bottle collection

c&c are welcome



balou - The kitchen’s off to a good start. There are some strange light leaks glowing from behind the counter and the left corner, and strange inverse-shadows behind the counter knobs, so I think something’s strange with the GI. The vertical thing was supposed to be paper towels. Your bottle collection needs work. There’s a lot of diffuse shading or something making the glass look frosty in places, but we aren’t seeing through enough layers of glass to really see through several of the bottles at once. Try test-rendering with fewer bottles until you’re sure you’ve nailed the glass shader.

ashisa - Good start. Try to make the shadow much softer, so you don’t see the hard edge of that circle around the candle at all, make a bigger flame to motivate all that light, and put a little glow into the top of the candle to simulate translucent wax. Just some extra ambient light near the top of the candle can be all it takes to look like the flame is glowing through.



Hey all. I am working on the fruit bowl. I figured I would get some feedback at this stage before I get too deep into this project. I know there are some artifacts and such and I still have to add the grapes but I am mainly looking for advice on the composition, lighting, and materials up to this point. Thanks for your time and honest feedback.



Hello, all.

This is my try of candle scene with maxwell render.

The candle flame is worked in photoshop.