FEEDBACK: Post here your take on the old challenges !


Hello, i’m Apple. This Lighting Challenge : Science Fiction.
Please commend my lighting in this scene.
Tell me at the wrong point.
because I’m practicing my skills better.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello, i’m Apple. This Lighting Challenges | Sci-Fi
Lighting by me
Give me your feedback for developing my Skills.
Thank you:)

see my work


I’m a little late to the party but here is what I worked on for challenge 47. I was busy with school work so I was only able to do this part of the time, but I’d rather post it a little late than not at all. Any feedback is appreciated! Also I know that the top image is a little grainy, I have to go back in and up the samples and re-render once I get back to school. Also this was rendered with Renderman for Maya, I didn’t use any external plugins on top of that. Finally the background images I found on Google from stock image websites.


hi all, my submission for LC45 Xmas Awesome Mecabricks challenge. some raw render and final in comp, added boken n fx in comp. :slight_smile:



What a wonderful entries !!
@ Chanipornapple the image look very good even if for me look a bit too “clean”. I will change a bit the reflection map of the panels and floor in order to get a more “realistic” version of the material you used. Just as a stylistic choice I would also decrease a bit the lights in the background in order to contrast everything a bit more. Keep going it is really a good work
@whatsthedaydavi You did the right choice to post your work since it is always better to “end” and image, even if works are always abandoned by artist and not finished. I really like the “night” work. I will add a bit of variation to the sources (will o’ wisp) and probably blur just a bit more the “trails” . Also the image need a bit more of focus on the lighting. Just choose your subject (central tree) and start focusing on lighting it before adding also all the other font of lights. If your render (and I’m sure it can) can render everything with a neutral shader, start from that. One light at time is always a good suggestion to avoid adding too much complexity to the final scene.
@t assin I love lego and so I love yout image too ! Everything looks perfect in the final comp, but I will be also very curious to see a variation with less “GI” or ambient/environment light in oder to focus better on the other source you used (the warm light in the door, the lights on the background and the tree) A very wonderful image ! Bravo !


Hello all, This is my first try with Lighting Challenge, #20 The Shop Girls WIP. I’m trying to give it the Mr. Robot treatment.
This is also my first attempt with Mental Ray after 4 years.

I welcome any critic and comments!


Posted by Teza 007

@Teza I will add a bit of subdivisions on the vase (on the right of the image) The shaders looks great. I don’t know if the flower should be more translucent, probably you should find a reference for them. Can you pls also post your lighting setup :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing


@kadeer the idea is very original even if the models after quite a lot of years are a bit aged. Great start indeed ! Can you pls post your references and setup ? G.


Been a while since I did any CG to be honest. So kind of felt I should go back to basics a bit. Still plenty to do, but still life it is.


Hello @ragupasta it’s been a while I did not see you online. Great entry so fart. I will fix a bit the shaders (the grapes look a bit glassy) and then start working one light a time trying school. Why don’t you try a Rembrandt lighting approach ? Can you post your setup ? That will be helpful for giving you feedback. Thanks


Hi jojo.

The lighting is not too far away from Rembrandt-esq lighting setup. It’s 2 vray area lights setup similar to Rembrandt. The difference is I have GI turned on. I should probably turn it off for the more contrast type look that Rembrandt serves. Yeah the shaders do need a lot of work yet, especially the grapes. Takes a long time to try and get the SSS right. Once that is right, I’m going to add noise to the surface as you tend to see in grapes, so translucent parts, and some parts not translucent.

Any more suggestions would be very welcome.

Here is the setup.


Hi all! Will there be new challenges in the future? Really enjoyed them. Here are some renders I recently did from a really old challenge. Let me know what you think! Thanks!


Hello ! Yes, there will be challenges in the future, we are organising new one. About the image, I think that’s more a kind of a simulation challenge :wink: Very funny indeed m it will be useful to see how you manage to create it


Hi everybody,

I’m looking for the scenes of challenges #41 Vanita SSS.
Does anybody have it ? The links don’t work anymore.




Hi guys,

Just have a go at LC 44 Getty Benchmark for the eggs. Simple but hard to finish. Good for Look dev and lighting practice. Here it is :

Done using Blender and Cycles. C&C are very welcome.



@ neon bulb. The yolks looks great, while I do not understand the reflections in the base of the cup (did you added a bit of egg whites?). Just for curiosity how much did it take to render ? Which are the specific of your machine ?
Thanks for sharing


@jojo1975 : Thanks! Yes I put a bit of egg whites just to add a bit of extra things to the image, because without them it felt so bland. It rendered in 6min53secs using Ryzen 7 1700 8core CPU. Surprisingly it rendered slower using my GTX 1050 4GB which took 8mins35secs, seems like my GPU gets slower when calculating complex surface interactions like multiple bounces of Subsurface, Translucency , Refraction and Reflections.


Hi Folks,
In stumbling across Lighting Challenge 34 (XXXIV):

I saw it mentioned that Giorgio Luciano had posted an updated Max file with book textures, among other things. In looking at the thread which collects old Challenge files, the .OBJ seemed both without materials and I see a strange artifact in the walls (see attached image) in any 3D application that I’ve tried thus far.

Might anyone know if a more recent version of that Challenge file - or the Max file I believe was mentioned - that @jojo1975 uploaded happens to be available, please?


Hello ! I’ve searched in my archive but unfortunatly I got only the objs file and I cannot find the max file. If anyone has it I will be glad to add it in the vault. Thanks for letting me know.