Feedback on Vintage styled lamp


Hello! First post, and first real crack at Vray. Was hoping to get some feedback on piece before moving on. Thanks!


Is this your model too, or just the texturing? I think it’s very nice. The wooden parts need some mapping corrections. Seams are too obvious. And also the inner part of the cover seams to have a strange bump flow. Other than that it’s a nice model.


Yep my model and deign too! Do you mean like reducing the normal strength on the wood?


Nice modeling, for starters. Very nice job. I upload an edited version of your render to show you where the problem lies imo.

In the wooden parts there are obvious seams that should be corrected.
You should aim at a result similar to this for the wooden base

and to this for the straight parts

The texture lines are continuous at least in obvious parts.

And 2nd, are you sure that the inner metallic part of the cover should have this UV orientation? I would probably aim at a circular layout with paralel bump lines.

I hope this helps. This could be a seriously nice model if you fix a couple of things.


Thanks for all the help! I see what you mean now.