Feedback on RTX Plug-in Project Idea


Hello everyone,

We’re a team of student developers from Breda University of Applied Sciences (former NHTV) and we’re developing a concept for a Maya plugin that we would like to create for our third study year.
Our idea is to replace Maya’s Viewport with a Hybrid Ray-Tracer to leverage the power of the new RTX cards. We think a real-time in-viewport hybrid ray-tracer could speed up the workflow as the users won’t have to use the RenderView as much as before during the development of their scenes.

We would like to ask your opinion on that and also gather feedback on our concept.
Would you be interested in such a plugin, and why/why not?


I think everyone would like that but in a way I think you would be wasting your time to do it NOW.

Why? Because it would all depend on which render engine you’re going to support. Arnold, VRay, PRenderman… etc etc… ? Your plugin would fail if one doesn’t use what you support.

There are open standards coming up (MaterialX/ShaderX) coming around the corner that the major players are supporting. For the future you want to support THAT. Because supposedly all render system will be eventually converging into one sold system.


wolverine is right. Without matX support its hard to make the tool useful for every user.
And next year maybe Renderman and Arnold are comming with GPU versions +RTX support.