Feedback on render of car


I created 3D model of Alfa romeo mito in Autodesk Alias and rendered it using Autodesk 3DS Max Vray. I have attached image of render with this post. Please take a look and please provide your valuable feedback. It will help me in building my portfolio.


There is a board for critiques/WIP art.

That said, these are a few things I noticed:
[li]Bloom. By adding bloom, you improve your render output by making it look softer and more realistic.[/li][li]The tires look a bit too clean/polished. Try maybe using a fractal noise map on top of the black for the diffuse, and use a fractal+standard noise map for reflectivity.[/li][li]The front-right side of the car lacks highlights. All the highlights look great, but with that area missing them, the car loses some of its realism and luster.[/li][li]Lastly, camera imperfections. I know it may seem crazy to destroy an image with imperfections, but it adds that much realism. Depth-of-field, graininess, scratches, dirt, etc. are all good ideas. And I don’t mean just on the car, I mean the lens of the camera.[/li][/ul]


For some inspiration look here:

And give iray shot! :slight_smile:


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