feedback on 2D artwork for getting into video games industry


As a child I wanted to make video games, a dream I had been postponing for ages.
In my mid-thirties I have dabbled with all aspects that could vaguely be related to game making.

I have*a degree in computer science however I have working experience mostly in UI/UX design, web design and the associated graphical assets needed (icons, flat illustrations etc).
Recently I realized that the world of freelancing/startups is no longer for me. I need the stability that a (financially) stable studio can offer me, and I cannot afford to go back to studying at least before knocking some doors.

So here I am, and I would be most grateful if you could have a look at my work and give me some feedback as to*
what do you think a fitting entry level job in the games (art) industry would be*for me?

I’ve put together a portfolio that includes work samples from UI/UX design, digital painting and game prototypes, found here
[edit Sept 2017: deviant art link was replaced with the actual portfolio]

Overall, I’ve done some game characters, game prototypes/unfinished games, lots of computer programming, IT support, done some openGL programming, played a bit with GLshaders, lots of 3D modeling/texturing in the late 90s early 00s(!), I follow the news of the industry with fascination, done some animation but none of these has become a specialty:*I feel (and probably am) a generalist.

I do regret spending all these years shying away from reaching out to others and looking for critique but now I’m trying to turn this around. I suppose my 3D skills are outdated (it was all hard modeling back then - and NURBS) so 2D art would be my strongest?Not that I mind learning anything (I lovelearning actually, but at this point it has to be when I’m past the door threshold). Judging from the level of work I see in portfolios around here, I feel humbled the very least.Perhaps I could look for a job as aTechnical Artist*instead since I’m a bit between an artist and a programmer? (still I’d rather focus on art if I have the option)

I wonder if all studios demand such high level of work as one sees in artstation/cgsociety or whether there is some type of studios where somebody with my level can start from? perhaps some small casual games studio, or am I unrealistic? I’ve never received feedback for my work all these years so I really don’t know where I’m standing! I need a reality check and quick :slight_smile:
Any feed back is very much appreciate!

Forgive my long post but I didn’t know how to make it any more to the point!
Much obliged,


I wonder if all studios demand such high level of work as one sees in artstation/cgsociety

This is the key!

Almost all the advice you will find online is geared toward an AAA game studio or big studio in commercial or film. The good news is there are thousands of jobs that cater towards lower end mobile, online and other areas. I know some artist that work in Las Vegas that make more than some of my film coworkers that would have a hard time getting in as a jr artist at many of the studios here in LA the key is to look for these projects that have a lower bar for entry and focus your art and practice on what those studios are looking for. Taking classes on fundamentals and working towards a goal will help and being realistic about all of it. try not to do random art or fan art but look at your work as building work based off projects someone could hire you for. Most artists take 3 to 5 years to develop into a solid jr artist at many studios but if you practice daily on a focused game plan for 1 of 5 studios you want to work for it becomes far more realistic and when your 20 3 to 5 years seems like a longs time but it goes much faster in your 30’s you got a long ways to go to get to where you want but if it’s something you want you’ll get there just be realistic about the task at hand how much work and research the industry to see if it’s a worthwhile pursuit and what things can get you there faster.


@Travis, thank you so much for taking the time, I am really grateful for all the advice!
I’m not sure how I missed your reply all this time (I’ve been lurking around daily, but no notification ever popped up!)

In any case, since then I’ve put together a portfolio site ( it can be found here ) with a more comprehensive selection of work samples (from UI/UX, to game prototypes, to digital painting), hoping that this would elicit more helpful critique/advice from the community as to where I should be targeting towards, given my skill set. From what I gather concept art is out of my grasp for now. Isn’t it? :wink:
Some people have kindly suggested that I focus on UI design (interfaces and UI elements) as a spearhead since there lies my most polished work.

It’s somewhat relieving to hear that what I see online is geared towards AAA studios! For now I’m just trying to break in, so any video games studio type (mobile/casual/online, aka non-AAA) and any paying position should do (even QA is on the table) - From there I can keep improving towards my goals (either on the job, or on my free time).

Now, if I understand correctly you suggest that given my artistic level I would still need 3 to 5 years of dedicated studies/practice before I can land any job in the industry (including low end mobile studios etc) - Or did I misunderstand this part?
Would relying on some of my other skills as seen on the new portfolio (eg. UI/UX design) give me a more direct/immediate chance of finding a job in the lower end of the video games industry?

Again thanks for helping out, I appreciate it a lot,


I cannot give many advises on 2d art as that’s not my forte’. However your first image in your illustrations of the vixxen with the headress. I love it. Mood, colour pallette just kind of sings to me. I really like it.
Someone else with 2d artistry skills can give you better pointers than I can, although I did see some work from you that sings “Storyboarding”.


hey @ragupasta,
I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for nice suggestion - Storyboarding, that’s something I hadn’t thought of! Food for thought!:smiley:


Yep. Storyboarding is just as important as illustrations and the like. Many different area’s of art coming together to convey and idea/story. Lot’s of different places to look.


good points!!!