Feedback For Storm


progress on tube

and the picture

vid shows things better than just the result. tell me your thoughts on my process, flow, areas to improve in. backgrounds have been killing me for very long time >_>; decided to improve on them at last


Looks pretty good. The way you did the water with the pattern brush and transform tool is something I do too, and it’s a good trick that saves a lot of time.

What is the lighting scheme here? Where is your light source? I don’t see any distinct form or cast shadows to indicate where your light source is, that that flattens out the all the forms. Also, is that a moon/planet in the sky? It’s a bit too vague. Same with the one on the right–is that saturn? If you want this to have a sci-fi feel, you might as well make them more obvious.

The composition feels a bit empty. Wouldn’t some nice clouds make this scene more interesting? Also, the central alignment of the planet/moon with the figure in the middle of the image isn’t very interesting in terms of composition. Try offsetting them for better visual flow/balance.


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