Feedback for a student


Hello, I’m a new user I go to art school in CA I have an assignment that is to get in contact with some professionals in the work that I want to pursue, it being asset creation for games, and ask a few questions. I thought it’d be a good idea to ask here and/or at least get some names of some professionals.
Q: I see a lot of people working in zbrush is that an essential to have for professional work or can I get away with working in Maya and substance painter?

Q: I really want to do hardsurface asset modeling I have done organic modeling but really enjoy hardsurface, what would you recommend me putting in my demo reel all hardsurface machines or should I also have characters?

Q: Right now I’m thinking of going into the video game industry is there any advice as to how I should work within Maya and what I should show in my demo reel?


One thing in this industry that is very helpful is knowing who your influences are. Today it’s pretty easy to find out which artist worked on what so it should be a fast process to look up the projects you were inspired by or the studios you would want to work for. That’sstep one…if you don’t take that first step you won’t get much help because people want to know you are serious about it. Once you know who your influences are then post some examples of your current work. It doesn’t need to be portfolio ready stuff, we are not looking to hire you, were looking for where you are at to give you the best advice. Advice changes based on where your current skills are.

Hardsurface guys I would reach out to are Ken Fairclough, Alex Senechal, Gurmukh Bashien, Mike Kime, to get you started. You don’t need to go to the biggest names as they will have the least time to dig in and actually help you but there are hundreds of great guys out there to research then target who matches the style you want most

hope this helps*


[quote][/quote]Hey ! Here is my take on your questions

  1. I don’t think anything is essential, but give it (and any other program) a real shot and see if it makes you produce better work faster.

  2. I think you should make your reel a reflection of the work you want to do, so hardsurface only is my vote!

  3. I don’t work for video games but my advice would be to get your work into an engine. Probably Unreal. A demo reel that shows your art in Unreal, looking like the games of the companies you want to work for, thats going to take you far.

Good luck!