feedback appreciated


trying to work on my animation skills please help me out. i need feed anything not too small or big thanks



its a good start,but the main thing I noticed in this shot is the spacing in general need to be enhanced a lot, right now the spacing is almost even and in some cases its speeds up or slows down without any external motive, so you want to make sure the acceleration and deceleration is physically correct, make sure you have some kind of reference to help you with that.

since you are doing a fighting scene you want to make sure the force is flowing well and you do that by making sure your fixing the spacing, I think the timing is fine but you need to track frame by frame the wrists, props, legs, hips and make sure all the poses and keys are flowing well without any popping or sudden acceleration or declaration.

by doing this you will have more weight and fluid motion.

Hope this make sense and helps!

Mohammad Sadeh


Hello, yes what M3d12 said. It’s looking good but needs more weight. Definitely get some reference. You can actually bring your reference into maya on an image plane and re-time it (something I just learnt at an animation masterclass by disney guys). Actually you should watch the class, it will really help you. I’ll put the link below. Basically it doesn’t feel heavy because the spacing is wrong, but you will be able to get that from good video reference. Here is the link…

Its the one with Zach Parrish and Brent Homman.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: