Feedback and advice truly welcomed :)


I would really appreciate some feedback/critiques on my portfolio content.
It can be seen here:
My goal is to secure a position as environment concept artist. But i have not been able to get positive replies on a job.
I have 0years of experience, how do i build that up? since usually job posting require a min of 2 years experience.
Thanks a lot in advance for any advice or suggestions :slight_smile:


Hi Emilie,

Lots of work up on your portfolio. Like the Santa Sleigh! do you have a site with your resume and cover letter stating what studio or type of game you want to work on? Linkedin etc

Focusing the environments for the worlds you want to work in would help a lot or at least give a better crit also how much of the work up is recent as opposed to older works. Are you thinking of the Character path and interaction? having a few enviroment shots from the perspective of the player would be helpful. post up some details and I can give you some advice to help you target in.:slight_smile: How much 3d do you have experiance with even if just for block ins etc.


Hey Travis,

Glad you enjoyed my santa sled!
So this is my linkedin, but after what you asked, I need to make it more precise, as far as ideal work environment and studio style.

The work on my artstation is all within the last year and a half, the last two pieces being the Gallic house, Uderzo style, and the Autumn lodge.

I try to focus my work around nature/jungle/tribal stuff, fantasy gallic medieval-ish and north african/arabic style.

What you said about character path and interaction is something I i should think about more, yes, make it feel like a level. Thanks for that tip!

I graduated in Game design and development, so i’m comfortable with 3ds max et most recently Blender.

Is my execution up to par?
Would turnaround and location shots help my portfolio? (I plan on doing the inside of the gallic house)
Is there pieces I should just get rid of?

Really grateful for your answer there :slight_smile:


awesome work, maybe think about branching out to more realistic concepts? As well as the cartoony stuff.


@Tad, aaah, realism… my weakness! But good idea, thanks!