Feature requests for modo


could seem silly,

but what about the possibility to record and view in the app things like zscripts ? i find them beautiful to learn a program.


I keep wondering why edge slide seems te be a very low priority on Luxology’s list as far as additions to Modo’s modeling tools- every major package supports edge sliding and it is a very useful tool in a modeler’s assernal (they are not mentioned in the 102 feature list so I can’t confirm if edge sliding is or isn’t in the new upgrade). Anyway, here are my suggestions. Please feel free to comment:

Universal Slide Tool (Mesh Edit)
- Slide elements (vertices, edges, or polygons/faces) as constrained by Universal Constrain setting

Universal Cut Tool (Mesh Edit)
- Automatically cuts edges between starting and ending cut points
- Create cuts inside polygons
- Ability to use pen, line, plane, or shape (curve or polygon) as knifing objects
- Ability to ignore backfacing polygons
- Ability to continue cuts while rotating objects

Universal Bevel Tool (Mesh Edit)
- Combine tool to either fillet or chamfer elements (element-sensitive) or current selection
- Ability to create variable bevels

Universal Extrude Tool (Mesh Edit)
- Combine tool to extrude elements (element-sensitive) or current selection
- Extrude using normal
- Extrude using curve (background or foreground)
- Extrude using free manipulation

Offset/Shell Tool (Mesh Edit)
- Gives thickness to objects or current selection of polygons/faces
- Ability to control edge creation (filletting or chamfering of edges)

Loft Curves (Curves)
- Select arbitrary number of profile curves in order and interpolate between profile curves

Rail Extrude (Curves)
- Select arbitrary number of profile curves in order
- select one or two rail curves
- re-align profile curves along rail curve(s) and interpolate between profile curves
- if number of points on rail curves match number of profile curves, align rail curves along profile curves CVs.

Circle (Curves)
- Create a closed, circular curve

Universal Snap (Toolbar)
- Snaps elements to vertices, edges, polygons/faces, curves, CV, knots, workplane, workplane grid (background or foreground)
- Selective snapping of elements to endpoint, midpoint, near elements

Universal Constraint (Toolbar)
- Sets the current constrain to currently-selected element(s) (edges or polygons/faces only), curves, or workplane
- If nothing is currently selected, it uses the appropriate elements, or curves from the backgroung layer as the current constraint

Isoline Editing Mode
- Ability to manipulate the isocurves of an SDS mesh directly and reflect on the base mesh automatically

Lathe - move to Curves

Curve Extrude - prefer Rail Extrude


MMMMhhhh, ok…
I haven’t tryed modo so I really don’t know if it satisfy my requests

1)I’d like a loop slice that add and edge loop without altering the shape of the subdivision surface. In Other words, it would be very nice if I could work like NURBS, where i put an isoparm to add detail without modifing the aspect of the surface

  1. Topology Brush :smiley:


I want a save in .xsi format or integration (via plug-in) with Softimage XSI.

Anyway, I :heart:² modo.


I’m a max user for 5 years now. Modo cant top it when it comes to the modifier stack. the thing i cant stand in modo at all is working with splines, horrible nightmare that. u cant edit once u’ve set it which is bs. i do all the lathing and stuff still in max. for everything else modo is a powerful poly editor but ur right its just too far away from max to get comfortable in. I do like alot of things in modo, because its more artist intuitive, falloffs and action centers are gates of freeform modelling something hardly possible in max (that paint deformation tool is useless to be quite honest with u).
I’m really not biased towards modo or max theyre different, the guys feelin the real benefit are probably lw users.
modo is also very easy to learn. very cool that. im still wrappin my brain around the interface tho, somehow the absence of a editable modifier stack makes me feel like i should be careful to check all the options before i hit ok. i know this is less gets in ur way faster u model is good thought but i start over on alot of things b4 i finally get the model right. undos dissappear on me randomly wats that about.


I have to agree with Brad. Modo is no embryo. That Citroen add simply rocks!

  1. referencing (ala, sketchup)

  2. text

  3. measureing tools (ala, solidworks…)

  4. a raytracer

  5. a line tool where you can convert it to any type line such as bezier or straight and can add points and arcs/tangents and be able to append to it

  6. push/pull (ala, sketchup)

  7. a follow me tool (ala, sketchup)

  8. the ability to draw lines/curves etc, on polygons. (ala, sketchup or rhino…)

  9. to be able to add texture to objects/polygons (ala zbrush)

  10. to be able to handle millions of polygons like zbrush




Something minor…just an edge soft bevel used for makin round edges…


wow, this forum gets better feedback from modo than the luxology site, hehe

anyway , adding zbrush stuff would be sweet . like being able to work with millions of polygons with no lag and its zscripting is a blast to use, much easier than modos macroing , plus many other features too…

and sketchup has some sweet moves too. like the follow me tool anddont say you have extrude or whatever cause te follow me tool is just easier to use . the same goes for the push/pull tool too. and the referencing is a gas to use…

like i always say , just take everything you can from any/all the 3d progs out there and you will be set…
seems like if you have to ask you are just trying to see what you can gert away without adding…heh


tools, tools and more tools… well tell you when to stop…


It would be wonderful to have more robust layer support. Something akin to Maya’s layers as opposed to or in addition to the mesh list. Certainly more robust snapping options. A more robust construction history/stack would also be wonderful. Overall Modo has been replacing most if not all of my organic modeling toolset.


Gary Haus


I do not know if this was mentioned before or modo already has it…but this slice or connect or cut tool looks really nice and handy… you do not have to pick the edges or polys before applying the tool which is the best thing about this “paintconnect” tool. I am sure modo is already a great package but this little addition could help modelers to gain some more time…I think…

you can see the tool in action by watching teaser 2…



maybe something like “retain component spacing” in maya. by default the modo snap already does this, but to be able to turn it off and have components snap to the grid independently would be nice. but I still love this program more than any other modeler out there!


I very need this tools:



I very need this tools:



editable curve shape and polygon flow after patching. also editable patch level


Something i saw in a ZBrush 2.2 preview video did strike me as being very usefull,for modelling AND animation deformation. The ability to build a magnetic cage out of edges to pull and deform. It´s the video where a human head is transformed into a monkey.

Very good tool,would love it in Modo!


one thing that would be cool is to have a slider that, based on angularity toggles visibilty of polygons(or increas/lower opacity)…so that say 100% would equal all faces with outward normals beeing visible, opposites hidden
and 0% , all opposites visible, outward facing hidden…
and then there would need to be a threshold or bias value…
i would like this for working on say the inside of the mouth…or for any general complex folded geometry… or if someone has a nice workflow for this, please let me know…



Okay, how about an add edge tool that lets you not only split edges, end edges in the middle of polygons, and start them again, kind of like Truespace’s polygon draw tool. I know this is vague, I’ll mock something up on photoshop to show you.


Right now it’s tough texturing a model in Maya is very difficult as the objects come in without surfaces or layers. The ability to export surface materials or parts in modo to Maya quick selection sets would be invaluable.