Feature requests for modo


Agree totally on this . it’s a matter of options that are needed to customize better the software behaviour.

If we have tablet and mouse support, every characteristic of tablet and mouse should be configurable, and mappable. so, for example, the 3 mouse buttons should be utilized properly, as well as tablet pressure and more. there ara alot of options to consider using mouse. i personally like mousewheel for falloffs and radius of airbrush tools
RMB could be used for other things too.
I’d like to ne able to map my mouse buttons to get let’s say a Maya navigation style, but a Lw selection style at the same time. It’s obvious that the more options we have to customize Modo’s behaviour the better it is for everyone just because the app can fit everyone needs.

another thing that i dunno if can be done, is actually have all options of a tool at our disposal,in tool properties so that someone can actually use one tool and change its properties on the fly. in this way less tools are utilized.

I believe that it’s like that in Modo though , so this can be done with UI customization.in this case would be a toolset customization, just like it happens when u create new tools from tool pipe.

example : soft drag is move with radial falloff , so, to have the falloff option in move tool properties could be made, to work into another way. :slight_smile:

This should be put into a sort of Modo default layout to add to the current list for an easier accessibility.

BTW there’s another little thing i really miss. it’s not SO important, but i miss tools indicators Lw style (no handles) i dunno why… it’s a matter of habitudes hard to drop :smiley:


i agree most of you say , ithink that tool properties menu should have little icons next to every parameters like, keyboard,mouse and tablet, and their sub menus. so you can assign any parameter to any mouse or wacom interface, and all tools use their own sub sytems of mouse or tablet interface settings, you can change those stuff on the go or save as seperate configs.
instead of having couple of presets, best way would be let users to do what they want,

btw you can disable all the handles and pivot points. i use most of them handless (from toopipe menu)


I have another request to add to the many. (and the other one I made) I don’t know if it’s been mentioned.

The free floating Pivot p.o.s. If you choose the Maya interface, or whatever. That think that should be toggle-able to work like the Maya interface as default. Toggle/choose it otherwise when you need it.
If I click on an empty part of the screen I want it to deselect, and select if I click on an object. (like most apps) With the pivot not moving all over the interface. :banghead: I hate that so much. I have actually stopped learning because of it. I await an incremental interface, and tool update.


You’ve lost me. The pivot adjust is its own tool. If you’re talking about the action center, just set it to anything other then automatic.


I did have it set that way by default, and otherwise it seems to work OK, but it just looked weird like I was moving the pivot point in Maya so thought it was a pain without even exploring it’s true nature. The move tool handles axis point still move off of my object, but I think it may work out to be acceptable regardless.

Thanks for pointing this out. You could probably delete this all if you’d like. :slight_smile:


I feel as though there should be a save incrimental feature…


I don’t want to get rid of the existing backdrop system (although some improvements are in order; as mentioned in other posts) because it works well with LW’s silly backdrop system.

but . . .

I would like a proprietary modo file format - something that would allow the saving of the backdrop’s reference within the file itself (not the image; just the reference to the file).

Yes we can map our images to planes as a work-around but that defeats the purpose of having a quality backdrop system in the first place.

The way we save backdrops right now with the layouts is awkward - especially as we can not save these backdrop references to separate files. This makes opening a model a year or two later when we won’t have the same config settings much more easier as we won’t have to worry about setting up a new backdrop.

cheers, :slight_smile:


this has been mentioned before but . . .

I would love to see the curve tools refined a bit -

a. a way too split a curve (into two curves) (this should be a no brainer)
b. a better way to add points to middle of a established curvec.
c. a way to smooth the joint between two separate curves (and remain separate)


I wonder if it’s possible in OpenGL to have a gradient background. OK I admit, that it is not the most important request, but you know “it’s the little things…” :smiley:
Something like this would be cool: CLICK for an image.


I would like to see a little more flexibility with the lighting/shading at least as far as openGL goes in modo. Long before any rendering viewport, it would at least be nice to control the OpenGL lighting, ambient, colors, etc to some degree.


i … want … this.

this feature would be sooo damn sweet !!

edit: techsmith codec


Topology brush a la Silo !! :smiley:


In one of my other 3D apps (Vellum Cobalt) I have the ability to boolean subtract 2 complex objects, then select the cut edge (which is contiguous) and apply a bevel to round it off. It’s so quick and easy! My request is for a similar functionality in modo.


Text import, specifically Illustrator outline file support.

Currently, it seems that you can import an ai version 8 outline file, but the “holes” in the geometry are not automatically cut out. (See Adobe Illustrator thread)


Suggestions about Mesh List.

I wish these functions are implemented in the preferences-options that is one of selective styles.

  1. Emphasis of Active Layers

  2. Emphasis of List Partitions, 10 by 10 and End of Layers.

  3. Shading to Unused Area.

  4. Ideas for more quicker selection of layers.
    Only 1-click layer-button without shift-key, when adding new Active Layer or dropping one of Active Layers.
    Double-click layer-button when changing from layers to only 1 layer.
    Double-click layer-button when toggling from only 1 layer to previous selected layers.

  5. Modo has one active layer every time.
    However I wish that Enable deactivation of all layers.
    When all layers are deactive,
    Tools affect to youngest empty layer or new layer.
    It is more natural for feeling.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

(Edit: Changed image URL.)


After wrangling with UVs for an evening, I would love to have the ability to select a series of edges and hit ‘=’ to show the just selected edges. Right now when you do that, you get the points, but no lines drawn between.


I think it’s gonna be a very hard thing to convince max users to convert to MODO.
i’ve used studio max for a couple of years… it’s robust… i’ts stable,
MODO is a very good start, but how could anyone compare an a grown up strong man to an embryo?
luxology still have to put so much efforts on bend deformations, text tool, material editor, UV mapping tools and unwrap…instancing… etc…
Even as a modelor, MODO still lack few things… and need improvements…


Hmmm. For an "embryo"it sure is cranking out “man-sized” projects. Have a look at this:


And there is a lot more where that came from.




Id like to point out this: Remove black and gradient grey tones from cursor graphics. Cursor must suggest easyness and happiness!!!


… I like to see bridge tools, with features like in 3dsMax (in the midle part of this video) http://mtlstream02.discreet.com/streaming/qt/Edit_Poly_300k.mov

… and something like the Topology Brush of Silo http://www.nevercenter.com/index.php/Videos