Feature requests for modo


node…do you mean count Triangles/triangulation? modo should be able to handle that even if it wasnt so obvious it should be scriptable? it would be surprising if it didnt…


2byts do you think this could be done with constant feedback updates in the statistics window"That would be very cool!!!" …
“But it wouldn’t be as good if a key had to be
pressed and a box pop’s up with a number in.”

Anyone got any ideas on how to make a scrip that fits into the statistics window and has the same real time attributes of the statistics window.

"yeh know a tab in the stat’s window that seid "if all your quads & endgons “were” tripled the number of tripled poly would be this # " … “without having to triple the polys then look at the number of your tripled poly count,then undo a step to got back to a un-tripled model” If you ever worked on game models and your trying to drop the last 100 polys off a model to meet the poly count protocol of a job you’ll know what im talking about.
This tool would not be used by some & but would be a must have for others.


Hey Brad P. A long long long time ago watching one of your videos
you were using a tool called -Macroform- “Very Cool Tool”

It let you have a mesh in a background layer and in the active layer
you could have a spline that was deforming the background mesh

…and the kick ass thing about it you did not have to drop the tool!
you could do a bunch of other things then go back and select
the spline in the foreground layer/select mesh as the background
layer move a vertex on the spline and it would update
in real time deformimg mesh in the background layer.
Is Modo abel to do anything like this ?


I’d like to see a bit more user-friendly key shortcut editor, something like in this picture: http://www.runuo.com/krrios/kuoc/macros.png (didn’t directly link the pic to prevent bandwidth stealing). The idea is that the keyboard layout shows what keys are already taken and commands etc. can be selected from a bit fancy popups and such. Actually I’d like to have an option that’d print out the current shortcut keys I’ve assigned for readability.


I second that!!!


as in the Maya HUD as an example…which gives all sorts of relavant information…invaluable really…such as total vert/poly/tri and total selected…and distance from camera…etc etc.

simple and elegant solution…more functionality then say having the orbit/pan/zoom tools in the viewport


BgConform from Lightwave


Not really a request for modo but more of a nexus’ render engine. I nicknamed it sasquatch baker. Basically it bakes hair strands generated from a sasquatch type plugin onto a UV/Atlas map with alpha layers. So you can get an illusion of very detailed hairstyles on a simple uv.


[li]ONE duplicate command that works in point, edge and polygon mode[/li][/ul]duplicate command in vertex mode

duplicate command in edge mode

duplicate command in edge mode at the border (works like the “extend” command)

duplicate in polygon mode (works like smooth shift with an offset of 0 and a scale of 100%)

[li]deselect edgeloop … currently i am able to select an edgeloop by doubleclicking on an edge … but theres no way to deselect a specific edgeloop, so there should be a way to deselect a loop by using ctrl-doubleclick!! (SAME FOR SELECT CONNECTED - ctrl doubleclick should deselect connected polygons/points)[/li][li]i am not able to select a point loop in symmetry mode … this should also be possible IMO[/li][/ul]


it would be nice if the config files for modo were not placed in natively hidden directory (for windows)



Rick Click on a Layer to

*select all polygons
*select all points
*select all edges
*select all materials
*assign a new material to all polys in that layer
*assign a part name to all polys in that layer
*assign a point group to all points in that layer
*export layer as (lwo, obj, ma, etc)

it would also be neat to assign a viewport style (shaded, wire, whatever) on a per layer basis via a right-click on the Layer. Maybe have a defualt to viewport style as the default, and the other styles (shaded, texture, etc) as an override to the viewport’s style.

I’m sure there’s some more right-click type commands that can be usefull for polys already grouped in that layer.




By default, with a layer selected, all the elements in that layer are implicityly selected.
As a side effect all of the assignment options become mostly a one click operation. ie. ‘m’ to assign material.

Individual layer export would be good.


Hi Griffon, I should have been more explicit. I know that eveything is selected when nothing is selected (that’s one way of putting it). What I had in mind was working in this manner.

I have a room with the walls, floor, and all the furniture in different layers. I have all the layers shift-selected so I can see everything in it’s shaded/textured mode and still have everything editable (as oppossed to having just the dresser in the foreground layer and everything else as a shaded background layer). I want to move a dresser across the room. Unless I’ve assigned all the polys of the dresser layer to a part (assuming they’re not connected and have different surfaces - pretty typical) I can’t easily select them all at the same time. It would be much easier to just right-click on a layer to select the polys, then move them. Then right click on the next layer (piece of furniture) and move it.

In essence it would be easier to shift select all the layers and right-click on layers to select the polys then switch around between foreground and shaded background layers (which still wouldn’t give you the same functionality b/c only the foreground would be editable.) - a LOT less clicking too. This is a more ‘object’ oriented approach then the standard component oriented approach.

Or maybe a double-middle click on a poly will select ALL polys in the same layer. Something like that. In general Modo is missing a lot of opportunities for right-clicking that could be there.



Same thing with the per-layer viewport shading override. That way you can have wireframe and solid shaded objects in the same viewport and have them both be editable at the same time - without having to constantly switch between foreground and backgroudn layers.


can i make the vertex/merge tool to work similar to Mirror/merge vertices. when using mirror tool with merge vertices active, the vertices AVERAGE merge. it would also be handy to have a activate average for merging points when using vertex/merge.

i also agree that there needs to be a way of simplifing the statistics form.its great having all this info in the stats form but most of the time i just need to find the basic info quickly. maybe a option to have a stats form the same as lightwave.


-Please fix the issue of losing symmerty when using polygons tools(i.e. Smooth Shift), or just add virtual mirror, it would solve most of my symmerty issues.


Dear all,

First off, here are the configurations of my systems:

Mac: 1 GHz Powerbook G4 12", 768mb DDR RAM, 1024x768 GeForce FX Go5200/32mb, MacOSX 10.3.5
Win: 3.2 GHz AMD Athlon64, 1024mb DDR RAM, 1920x1600 (Apple Cinema Display) and 1280x1024 on EIZO L767 with ATi 9800Pro/128mb, Win2K SP2

My version of modo is 101-9576.

Below please find a list of things I jotted down for the past week when I practice with modo. Some might be bugs, some are comments that I want to share with you all:
  1. Win, Bug - I am not able to map ‘eval’ to Alt-F5

  2. What would ‘config.save’ actually save? I mean, what is the file and where is the config file located which is being saved?

  3. I can imagine why it is programmed to exporting the ‘Layouts’, ‘Forms’ and ‘Key Mappings’ separately in the command ‘Export Config Fragment’ (‘config.export’). But would there be an option in the future that we can simply save them all in one file instead?

    The check box options ‘Append to File’ and ‘Import Resulting File’ are both ambiguous to me, like which file is the file I am exporting going to be appended to? Isn’t it an automatic procedure to have the ‘resulting file’ 'imported while it has just be exported?

  4. Win/Mac Bug (?) - Refer to the point above, whenever I check the last checkbox, say for the key mappings assignments, I would always end up losing all the keys assignments and revert back to the default.

  5. The ‘Auto Save’ protection in the ‘preference layout’ needs some further explanation like what is to be backed up? The modo configurations or the model instead.

  6. It would be nice to be able to multiple select in the Command History viewport’s History section, that I can then map those histories as one hotkey.

  7. Last but not least, why modo with the lower cap?

Yours sincerely,



After using Lightwave for a couple of years, one thing I find myself missing after using modo for a few weeks is the ability to select a group of points and press ‘i’ to bring up the info box to change the ‘x’ values for all the points, or select a group of polys and change the surface in one dialog.

The Info & Statistics panel is nice, but I do think it needs a little work. It’s not as dynamic as Modeler’s; if I have a layer with 4,000 polygons, select a group of them and press ‘=’ to hide unselected, the Statistics panel shows me all the polys in the layer, including those hidden.


A few of these have been mentioned but I’m adding them partly because I miss them in my workflow, and also to add to the popularity of specific requests:

  1. Add “connect” functionality to the loop slice tool. Basically make it more contextual, such that if I have nothing selected, it works like it does now, requiring you to select an edge to start. Otherwise, if I have a selection of edges or polygons that form a partial loop, it connects them as soon as I fire the command, at which point the new edges are editable just like they are in the existing Loop Slice tool.

  2. Rotation handle and modifier key redundancy for bevel widget/command. It would be great to be able to rotate my bevels without dropping the tool.

  3. Add polygon sensitivity to the edge slice command so that edges can be carved right into polygons, not just between edges and verts.

  4. More functionality to mousewheel. I’d love to see things like grow/shrink selection added to the mousewheel while in selection mode. It would be much easier to do this than hitting a separate key. Holding down SHIFT or CTRL while wheeling in select mode could also handle things like pattern selection, etc., keeping everything focused on the mouse and modifier keys rather than reaching across the keyboard to hit the arrow keys.

  5. The mousewheel could be much better utilized in modo in general for lots of different functions depending on the context. More exploration into diversifying toolsets while reducing key/panel access for modifiers is needed. There is a wealth of untapped potential in 3 modifier keys and a wheel mouse.

  6. I really miss being able to do target welds while in tweak mode like I can in XSI. Holding down shift while dragging or maybe MMB or RMB could perform a realtime vertex “join” command essentially. This is a very common function I use in my everyday modeling and would save me having to exit tweak mode as often to select individual verts then access the “join” command, then go back to tweaking. The same modifier key or mouse button that performs realtime joins, could also be made to perform something like a realtime edge spin or quad/tri spin if it were more contextual. These are all tweak-like functions that could really go a long way towards enhancing tweak mode beyond just being a glorified drag tool.

Again, in tweak mode, another case for mousewheel could be falloff/radius control for doing soft drag operations without the need for a separate soft drag tool. Soft drag is also a tweaking tool and could be integrated into tweak mode in general. There’s really no need for it to be a separate tool.

  1. I’d also love to be able to use space bar as a universal tool/selection toggle, rather than as a cycler. It’s easier for me to hit the spacebar once to toggle a tool than to have to hunt that tool down on the keyboard and hold it down in order to toggle to selection mode. I know some things can be rebound (not sure if spacebar is one of them) but it would still be great to have this as an option in prefs or something.

  2. More navigation types in prefs. I miss wings/mirai style navigation. Or better yet being able to make my own like in Silo.

  3. Add a button and keybind (like ‘5’) for element edit mode or replace material selection as one of the 4 default modes of selection. I’d sooner see element mode taking up my UI space along the top toolbar than the materials button, as I’d probably use it more than any of the other selection modes. Again, I’m sure some of this stuff can be bound, but it makes a lot of sense to be added as defaults or settings within prefs.


lets make sure that there are alot of people who use graphic tablet instead of mouse. so if any of those wheel stuff would be implemented, that stuff should be optional not hardcoded.


Using a tablet is fine, but that is a tool with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. If you support tablets in your app you support them as best you can - likewise a mouse. But you don’t “dumb down” an application just so that mouse users are limited simply because tablet users don’t have the same mechanical benefits in their tool.

I’m all for ‘options’. I’d love to see an advanced mouse users section in preferences. I certainly don’t want to limit tablet users in any way. And I’m sure these suggestions wouldn’t. I’m suggesting them more as a layer of extra functionality or redundancy in some cases.

In my opinion most 3d applications today are sorely underutilizing the mouse as an input device. Modo is currently no exception.