Feature requests for modo



I don’t have Modo yet. However, I am very interested in Modo.:slight_smile:
So I want to use it, and I have some suggestions to Modo.

I want Sub-d which does not become thin.

Sub-d decreases the volume of objects.
It is not good for me. So I want to control the amount of decrease.
Of course, I know that smoothscaling a control-mesh has the same effect.
However, I want not to fatten the base object.

So please give to Sub-d the parameter which can control decrease (or increase) of volume.

I think…
If polygons can have weight-map like vertices or edges,
by associating polygon-weight and decrease-amount (or increase-amount),
we will be able to control decrease of volume locally on the surface.
It should keep the continuity of a curved surface and be smoother than using edge-weight.

So please make it possible to have weight-map in polygons as well as vertices or edges.

Thank you.:slight_smile:

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My translation skill is so little.
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you can do that even per edge based, so it has more than you want :slight_smile:


i’d like to throw in my vote for pressure sensitivity support for wacom tablets


Sir kursad_pileksuz

Oh, really? It is very nice news.:slight_smile:
Modo’s edge-weight is more powerful than I imagined, if that is right.
Can I expect of edge-weight the effects like this picture?

Thank you.

(Edit: Changed image URL.)

My translation skill is so little.
I 'm sorry when my text has mistakes and impolite expressions.



Auctor has started my 2¢ worth with his post, but needs more depth.

First was Slice:
Slice is like Split Poly yes, but it’s more like the LW Knife which is just awesome. I love it just the way it is, but for a Maya user it can seem more like Poly tool incomplete. Which brings me to “pen, and slice”.
Pen, and Slice are the closest to Create Poly, and Split Polygon tools in Maya. Using these tools brings us to snapping which is the second part of the quote.

(I’m going to skip some stuff, and get to it.)

If the Pen tool is intended to Create polygons point by point this tool should be able to add points, and+/or+ - snap to curves/edges/surfaces/points. Grid, and so on I think are there.

Slice/Knife, and Split Polygon are no where near each-other as tools really, but seem to do each-others jobs via LW, or Maya.

Slice/knife will slice right through a cube both sides. (I love it - great time saver in some cases)

But Split Poly (Cut) will Snap on to an edge, and draw a line on a single face - on a single side of the cube. (how many times I wished it would knife right through I can not say)
Along with Create Poly tool which will draw points/edges within a face. It’s invaluable.

I think the edit poly tool shelf in Modo should include both tools, (Cut, and Slice) and have snapping options for Edge, Curve, Point and Surface -> for “Cut/Split Poly” obviously. If I forgot any let it be known.

My thinking is narrow down the distance you have to reach for these tools, and combine The Pen, and Cut. Which would be like Create Poly, and Split Poly in one tool. (but both will do)
The Pen tool could be a multipurpose poly tool that could also make cuts if the snapping features were added application wide, and cutting features were added to the pen tool via a drawn line on surface + apply or return.

If you were to draw a line across the surface of a side of a cube from edge to edge, and apply it - that Line/Edge cut could combine with the surface to become your new cut Edge. Rather than the projection cut of the Slice tool. A thought to consider.

Lastly I think the majority of these tools should be in a polygon PIE menu. :smiley:


Just a thought about action centers .

In our testing we really miss the Lw mouse action center mode, that allows you not to work with handles, but rather on cursor position to rotate points and polygons . cursor changes its shape indicating the current tool , too.

Hitting some button on the keyboard, for example ctrl we can also constrain the movement of items on a particular axis.( but this i found in Modo as well). However, i find this to be really fast, in fact in Lw when doing organics i quite use this mode only , maybe coupled a bit with with selection mode and despite being not exactly precise, I model faster.

Does in Modo there’s something similar or a way to obtain this behaviour? if not this is another request!! :scream:


I cant find any tool like “zoom tool” in LW Moldeler … this is a tool to zoom into a section of viewport draging a window after click center or corner of zone you want to zoom. If modo has not this feature this is one of tools i think interesting to future releases.


Just use the ‘screen’ action center - works exactly the same afaict. You can use the handle or just drag w/ ctrl to contrain.



Thanx , Greg! will try that ! :scream:

edit :

yeah it works similar to lw : rotate planar is the way to go working in ortho tools! if we understood well, with the normal rotate you would have to use handles (slow workflow )
However, We disabled handles and activated the manual hauling and it works.:slight_smile:

one thing though :

it’s not Lw , but a cool thing would be to have some kinda indicator of the tool when in manual hauling : it’s more visible than the current
pointer an makes u feel better because you don’t have to look on the side toolbars to see if your tool is activated.

another question : is it possible to :

  1. select an item ,
  2. activate a tool (rotate, move etc)
    make your changements

and then select other items and work
with them without dropping the tool?


Hi All,

There is a plugin for Max that has a great feature to make splits and seams without adding complexity to the base mesh. Dave Black shows it here really well:


I’d love to see this implemented in Modo. Along with some other ways to ‘draw’ seams, parting lines and gaps without affecting the base mesh.


PS: Still waiting for that Modo demo release :curious:


Ummm??? TrexGreg, you do realise that it’s the exact same way LW works ?

Just scratch my head on what you have been doing for the last 12 years ? :smiley:


Yes. Say you are in the move command (W), when you want to swap, add to or delete from your selection, just hold down the W key, alter your selection, release the W key and you are still in the move command.


You can add to your selection very quickly in LW by using the middle mouse button…no need for shift…very quick way to work.


Ok, so here’s my bit…

  1. make BackDrop images more usable (any vieport can have its own independent BD image)

  2. also allow users to remap their mouse buttons as they like

  3. the color schemes available don’t seem to be working…?? when I wanna use different colors, it just doesn’t apply them.

  4. more stable, keeps on crashing every now and then

  5. what’s wrong with the polygons when not subdivided… it seems like when vertices breach a certain angle the polygon doesn’t draw in the vieport…??

  6. the way a user has to show/hide vertices when working in subdivision mode is kinda strange…

So far, modo is still a hell of a soft! :thumbsup:


Thanx yog ! actually we discovered this thing yesterday after reading another thread : the cool thing is that in this way u are able to select other polys.

I personally don’t like so much having to hold the shortcut,because i use ctrl as well to constran movement into a particular axis on the fly. but we have also action centers for that, so could work fine like that too.

I think i’ll get used to it : damn, when u are used to work into another way, it’s difficult to change your workflow even if it’s crappy. LOL!! :smiley:

while i am here, another question :

is it possible in Modo to use the Maya navigation style, but the default Modo selection style (lasso with RMB, select with LMB like in Lw ) at the same time?

we noticed the sel style changes as well if u choose maya preset. u select with RMB and lasso with LMB.

maybe somewhere there’s something to click to make modo work differently ?

If this is not possible, my suggestion would be to separate navigation style and selection style in the main properties panel, so u could decide what style u want, and maybe define others clicking on some options. that would be even waaay better. :drool:


actually, the plugin [noways standard in max under the modifiername “Shell”] does nothin more then add thickness to the mesh.
The splits are simply done by detaching part of the mesh but leaving it in the same object hence creating open space between two edges that get rounded individually after thickness has been added by the plugin/modifier.


I posted some suggestions for Modo Sub-d,
at other thread.
Those are ideas about enhanced weighting.




1st: In Modeler if you have some polys selected you don’t loose that selection if you accidentaly click anywere in the opengl working screen.

2nd: You can deselect some or all of that selection by left click and drag on top of it or deselect all at once by clicking anywere outside the opengl working screen.

3rd: You can add more to that selection, by middle click and drag.

4th: You can now take your sneer and return to school for LW101 lessons…

Best regards,


In the stats window…Show a number of how many
polys your object would have if it was tripled.
" This would be handy for poly modeling for game development" .
P.S. And please do not say “do the math and times it by two”… because
we have to take endgones & polygons that have already tripled into consideration.


seems like it didnt take very long for the notorious flame wars in the LW forum to make it into the modo forum…


like there isnt enough space or something.