Feature requests for modo


I agree - that would be awesome - or even if the each of the either boxes had some sort of fly off menus that could be added (agg - hate to say it again - like maya)

and I would like to vote as well for more mouse configuration


I like your idea on copying values from another xyz coorditate, triton. One little idea that I would borrow from Max would be: right click on arrows to zero out the value. Also, while dragging on the arrows to change the number value, right-click to escape changing the number (also in Max). Other changes that I would make involve making the pie menus better, or more like Maya’s ‘marking menus’. See my post here explaining this in detail: http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=173567.

Of course I would second all the other posts in this thread (Edge slide, Byron tools, subD and poly views, …)!


Just add a form as one of the pie slices; you can have it open as a popover (default), a pie or a popup (menu).

– Joe


Well… can I have more than one active backdrop image? It seems like I have to switch from one image to another every time I change my viewport? It works fine when I have all four viewports minimizet and I just paste my ref imgs into them. But when I maximize the backdrop tool just grabs one of the images and when I change my vieport it shows only that one??? That SUX! So is there a way to get my references on the background withou creating any geometry and mapping it then…?


Im having viewport problems also. I always work in a single viewport in perspective mode, and switch to ortho view with 1,2,3(Alt+1,2,3) to left,right,etc. If you put your backdrop image on the XY plane in perspective view, and switch to say a top view, the image well reorient itself to face you! Now switch back to the perspective view(.) you’ll see the image is no longer laying flat on the XY plane anymore, but rather it re-oriented itself on the top plane(ZX). This is neither intutive or wanted. Its a pity you cant have seperate backdrop images for each view. If they can get that part to work more intuitively, they can also implement it to display different backdrop images base on the workplane orientation for the perspective view. So if the workplane is align to postive XY, it should display the “front” backdrop image, if its negative XY, it should display the “back” backdrop image. But this should be a option you can turn on/off in regards to it aligning multiple backdrop images in a perspective viewport. Also switching from a pespective viewport(with camera rotate option to: Oscillate) to say a top view, and jumping back to the pespective view, you lose Oscillate option, it resets back to Trackball(which i dont use much). The option should stay the same, regardless if im switching between different views.

For now, backdrop images and view switching isnt intuitve enough for me to use them, the workaround for me now is to set up multiple image planes on a its own layer.

If Lux implements Virtual Mirror, please just put it in the Symmerty button! Also about creating custom navigation, please make sure this is possible:

LMB= select/deselect 

MMB(mouse wheel)=

A: click once; goes into rotation mode(LMB click to terimate rotation mode, and accept new camera oreintation),(RMB click to terminate rotation mode, and return to last camera orientation)
B: click and hold to pan
C: scroll mouse wheel up/down to zoom

RMB= context sensitive menu and or pie menu

Independent speed/sensitivety control for: pan,rotate,zoom. And last but not less, a invert mouse movement option. :D


joe - thanks for that - every time I try to make this work however it crashes modo - are there any settings that I need to be wary of? - I have tried popup and default . . .



Nothing I can think of. Make one of your crashers, then save the form and email it to me and I’ll take a look.

Or mail me some exact repro steps and I’ll try it out.

– Joe


you can have pie menus within pie menus…but i dont know about having a sublist like in maya


my feature request is to have a “draw split” tool…which allows you to draw your edges in any direction and not have to contrain to a single edge at a time like the edge slice which feels a bit slow and clunky.


ouch…dont know if changing that makes sense to non-lw users. Especially when using the rectangle select method where it is very common to drag over already selected components when shift clicking to toggle/invert the selection and shift+ctrl to add to selection.

my gripe is that it is only possible to marquee select the ENTIRE component and not a partial one.


i don’t think that this has been mentioned yet - and I don’t know how it would be done with the existing software -

could we possibly get way to hold down a key and get a specific snapping mode activated like in Maya?

  • for instance it would be awesome if I could hold down the “v” key and whatever I had selected would snap to the vertices or if I held down the ‘x’ key and everything would snap too the grid etc - is this possible in Modo?


You know, I’ll throw this out there… one thing I’ve always wanted and never seen anywhere is a live, object-driven deformation tool. Basically using the contents of one layer to interactively deform another layer in the object.

A good example would be something organic or semi-rigid, like a bow or a flower. Being able to take one loop of ribbon or flower petal or… whatever… and push it up against another component layer of the model to make it actively deform and “smoosh out of the way” would be incredibly handy. Sort of like pushing a solid object into soft clay.

It would be kind of like a soft body deformation system that doesn’t have to animate anything (though even the simplest implementation of “points shove points 1-1” would be helpful).

Anyway - just a thought!


Okay… this is something I have to bring up now that I’ve been using the program almost non-stop for the past couple of weeks and its driving me nuts.


Good lord, I have to press undo quite a bit just to undo one or two things. This is really apparent when I’m holding down a transform button (ie: move, rotate) and decide that I dont like what I have done. I would expect to hit undo only once to fix the issue, but I have to hit undo 3 times! Once to undo dropping the tool. Once to undo the transform and once to undo activating the tool. If I dont press undo the right amount of times, then I may end up screwing up my model even more than before because I’ll be in a transform mode again. This is incredibly annoying.

Its great having the command history but I believe there needs to be a separate tab just for undos. Things like UI changes, picking up and dropping tools as well as a myriad of other little commands should be automatically skipped over so I dont have to press undo 20 times just to step back 5 transforms. It should be noted that modo doesnt really like for me to press undo a lot really fast. Usually after about 10 quick key presses it will crash giving an error in modus1.dll which adds to the super happy fun time.


“Shaded Cages”

Having a screenmode where the cages are shaded, would bring the advantage that we could work on a model in lowpoly mode and view the subD-output in another viewport, even without having to clone or instance it in any way.

In some way, it would make the SubD mode kinda viewport dependend.

It doesn’t need extra tools, brings good functionality and I haven’t seen it implemented in any other modeler yet.

Also, in the modelers I know that allow instancing, I can only work on the original, not on the instance. So say, you make an instance of a low poly and subD the instance, you would be unable to do deformations on the SubD instance.

By making it able to have shaded cages, we would be able to work simultanious at the high poly and the low poly object, just on the fly.

Great for tweeking a model or designing morphs. Certainly with two monitors hooked up.


you can work with shaded poly cage and and subd model at the same time! only thing is that currently it does not select polygons in that mode (selects edges and vertices fine), i guess it is a method i have found, so i do not think that it is an implemented method, but rather due to the way modo works. it wont be like instancing in maya, you may find kind of limited naturally because of no poly operations. but could be cool to check out your model once in a while through that way. i do not think luxology planned symmetry to be used in that manner, but definetely it is a starter. maybe it we will loose this idea when they fix the symmetry bugs :slight_smile:

i will make script of my method or explain in [b]Cool things in Modo no one knows! forum



[li]file export for XSI including the morph maps![/li][li]adjustable “pick size” for points / “move nearest vertex” option (when in element move-mode)[/li][/ul]


hi folks…

ok, after a while of testing modo there are a few things i would like to have/changed/improved/… :slight_smile:

Overall Modo is a great Tool. But the small things just make it really hard to stay with modo.

  • Project Management:
    Maybe i just don´t found it in Modo but if not… that is really necessary! Something like Maya (sorry, you guys maybe can´t hear the “i want it like maya”. But thats the Tool i use. sorry for that.). You specify a new Project. A new Folder is created with maybe subfolders like "images (for the backplanes), files (for the saves), textures, auto save, and so on.) If i load a project, the open folder points to the files folder. If i want to put a image plane it points to the images folder and so on (of course, you can still choose another folder as well).

  • The Layers are Great, but Object Mode is also a BIG’ wish on my list. :slight_smile: I loaded a Model of me in Modo with about 80 small objects… it is really a pain to reorganice it and put it all to different layers/group it. Mhmmm, with shift you can select more layers… is it possible to pull more layers around at once? (i select layer 30 till 60 and want to group them all to one top layer…)

  • snapping: Again, maybe i just don´t found it, but what if i want to snapp all the vertex of the model around the inner corner (after deleting one half because symmetry don´t work well) and want to snap it to the x axis? in Maya i select a vertex (someone wrote somethere the singular of vertex… mhmm… ) press x and drag it to the axis. it snaps to that axis. simple and easy. :slight_smile: same for vertex to vertex snapping. in modo i select grid snapping and it will snap to a corner of the grid… not in one direction… (sorry if i just don´t found the right way…)

  • symmetry: already quite often mentioned. for some people it works for me it don´t. one side always will lose the symmetry.

  • slice: slice is similar to split poly. the status over the vertex (the % how far from one side) ist just GREAT. but why can´t i place points inside a poly? it supports n-gons. But why can i only split on edges and vertex?

  • layout. really fancy!!! :slight_smile: But the behavior of the views is sometimes strange. i have my own color setup that i have applied to the viewport. if i change it, sometimes my color schema is there sometimes not. Also i would like to change the color schema of the Main Gui.

  • Scripting: Ok, i think this will change with the SDK. But just to say it once. :slight_smile: A build in Reference for the commands/perl syntax would be great. Also a kind of build in editor with syntax highlighting. wohooo…

  • Material library: Well, didn´t know how to name it. I create a new material, give the material a name and… mhmmm… well… save it? Would be cool if there would be a material library (kind of material management) there i can save materials in self defined groups and so on. same for textures. hey, what would be just great.

  • Gui. Well, don´t played with the forms. but a littel button for minimizing the tool boxes would be great. (so there is just the name of the toolbox… or something like this)

  • a button to redo last command. (ok, i can do i myself. the macro and scripting possibility is not bad. G)

  • import silo files. (quite a lot out there use silo as stand alone modeler. but for now, import can be done with obj)

Ok, thats it for now. :slight_smile: If things are already implemented and i was just to stupid to find it… don´t mind. sorry for that.

One thing … mhmm… modo crashed quite often the last days. it is really annoying. Always with a “there was a failure in modo.exe… it has to quit” or something like that. (not sure in english.) Sometimes after 3 hours and more but sometimes also after 10 minutes. i switch quite often between the subd and the poly mode. but i think that is the point of subd. :slight_smile: I work on a Laptop with ATI mobility radeon 9000, Centrino 1,6 Ghz and 512 MB ram.

mhmmm, and one thing i would like to know. I scripted in MEL and C/C++. Is it possible with the SDK to write scripts/plugins for Modo in C/C++? I know that Perl is quite easy to learn but i am so fanatic about C/C++… well… G you know… everyone swaers on his secret weapon. hehe…

Ok, stay on and make Modo to the most advanced modelor out there. Till now it is maybe a candidate for it but still a lot to do i think.

But anyway, great work guys… :slight_smile:




I had the possibility to test Modo into a friend’s studio, so here i ome with some feature requests (if there are possibilities to make these tools maybe please give us some hints)

  1. the element move tool, its a great tool indeed for fast manipulation, especially in perspective, but we found it becomes difficult to work only on points into a side view : example : i just made my box with a few spans and divisions, now i want to be able to move points only in side view why? because we found we often fail on putting the pointer exactly on the point, and so accidentally select the edge, and simmetry seem not to work properly. so some drag point tool or some options to work only on points in element move would be great .

  2. i’d like to have a sort of sketch extrude, with the possibility to extrude multiple polys :smiley:

a) select a bunch of polys
b) a handle appears (based on centre of selection)
c) drag extrude all the way !!

  1. smooth shift has to have not only a inset handle, but also widht and height handles, like in stretch as an option some users would welcome. this enhance workflow a col thing would be to have the possibility to use other mouse buttons to fasten the workflow with this process .lets say i choosed a poly:

a) left button smooth shift apply -u will have the possibility to work with the current handles we have . working only with left button will leve the current tool as we have now (inset+ shift )
b) middle button . inset : moving the mouse will work with widht and height,plus ,handles appear widht and height for precise further manipulation.(handles works with left button)
c) right button : shift. here too the handle appears to further refine your shift with left button if u want.

this will make the tool more flexible, without aborting it, just working with mouse buttons.

  1. optimize edge slice . it appears to be a bit slow and difficult to use sometimes. we can’t add points in the middle of polys, and a nice feature would be to really draw edge splits, maybe also with some sort of preview, with the possibility to edit points position of it.and then simlpy hit enter to abort thr tool and make final slice.

  2. better layer management : colors in them, possibility to rename and renumber multiple of them just like in raname little programs . Also, base the layer editor on photoshop’s one. u can’t fail!!

So far we are very happy, and i personally am planning to buy Modo very soon. with these features would be even better !!
more requests to come, though. :scream:


so some drag point tool or some options to work only on points in element move would be great .
you can change the mode from “automatic” to “manual” in the element move tool.
this way you can only move the elements in the activated mode.

btw… i’m using this little macro.

 select.type "vertex"
select.drop "vertex"
tool.set "ElementMove" "on"
tool.attr "falloff.element" "mode" [1]
tool.attr "falloff.element" "mix" [0] 

it changes to point mode … deselects all points … activates the move component tool … changes to manual mode and sets the mix mode to multiply.

cheers chris


Cool thanx we didn’t notice this great option . time to explore manual setting even for other tools then. thanx
for your macro as well. the more exploring Modo the more finding how cool is and how cool could be
with some tweaks. but for a 1.0… great release!!:smiley:

ah, just to place anther request : more options for materials: translucency, transparenciy…