Feature requests for modo

  • Bridge tool , for bridging edges and polygons. or even points, if need be.

    • Element Move tool is nice, it would be nice to be able to hold shift to add to selection, crtl remove from selection.

    • Element Rotate, for rotating elements

    • Element Stretch, for scaling elements

  • Display points on SubD mesh. Selecting points on SubD mesh should display the points on the mesh, and not the point floating the cage. Just as edges are current display.

  • Ortho to Perspective: When your in a ortho view(top,bottom,right,etc) Once you rotate your mouse in any ortho view, you’ll return into a perspective view( your rotation starts from the side your viewing from). This is abit more faster and intuitive than pressing the “.” key on the numeric pad.


you can make your own element rotate and strecth, which i have done for myself already ( modo is letting you make your own custom tools)

well whole point of element move is to be able to work on individual components quickly, in this case if you want multiple selection you need to use regular move tool, because whole point of element tool is “element” falloff, which is not going to let you choose more than one component

you can disable cages and points and just work on subd geometry with edges displayed on it or without edges. but as i said in my previous posts, modo does a wonderful job of grabbing vertices of control cage without having them displayed


it would be awesome if we could control the speed in which we can tumble, track, dolly and zoom similar to what we can do in Maya

I would also love to see wireframes with opacity as the others have mentioned . . .



I’m just re-iterating a few suggestions(cause, hey, when I say it people REALLY listen).

-bridge tool

-expanded work plane functionality:
>have modo allow you to allign/attach specified geometry from the world coordinates to the work plane coordinates(so you can stick complicated things on other complicated things with precision).
>the ability to create top/bottom/right/left/back/front views of the work plane.

-camera objects and controls within modo. Objects: actual camera widgets so you can re-visit certain vantage points dependably. Controls: zoom/focal length/aperature height, etc. I’m hoping we’ll have a successful camera mapping sollution once(or before) the other Lux component apps ship. Camera mapping has always been broken in Lightwave due to the 2 app scheme–I hope it’s finally possible in Lux’s products.

  • would be great if modo would open files in the same directory that it last opened previous files in (rather than going to the last used directory) . . .

  • and tried to save them in the same directory that it last saved other files in (rather than going to the last used directory)


I find the speed of navigation is OK, but yeah it would be nice to have this control!

  • One more thing, a selection mode/option where i dont have to hold Shift to add, CRTL to deselect from my selection. When i turn this mode on, i should just focus on selecting, if i click on the same polygon again it’ll select the polygon.

  • Improve SubD speed, i know this is only V 1.0, but the current SubD speed on my machine is slow, It reminds me of XSI 3.0 SubD speed(around XSI 3.5/4.0 they have improve the SubD speed greatly, dont remember the version number when that happen).


ok i am replying here so everyone can see it,
you need to understand how modo works first to eb able achieve some simple tool making

modo has a way of working called , toolpipe. with toolpipe you can mix multiple properties and make new tools. it is more like a pallette of tools
you cannot put everything in toolpipe, at least in this version, all tools will have toolpipe section but not all will be able to mix with eachother.
for example you cannot mix bevel and move, because they are seperate tools

so as far as i know here are the list of toolpipe items that are mixable
transformation tools (you cannot mix rotate with move , but rotate or move will show up as toolpipe properties for example)
polygon operations
action center

so if you want to make element strecth or scale
transformation tool=strecth
action center=screen, or element, or automatic based on your needs

i hope it helps


I would like to see modo implement:

1. Flow Based ToolPipe (it would be nice smth alla-houdini) yea i know thise brakes the main concept as modo is a strightforward SubD modeller but it would be a nice addition if possible!

2. Lattice Tool (interactive lattice with realtime deformers , i would include here a bend tool , shear tool and many more additional tools that can interact directly with Lattice Tool )

3. Interactive parameters (perhaps slider-like over viewport) ive seen those handles over viewport and thats cool ! i think it would be nice if there were over while creating object E.G. primitives and other parametric objects.

these are some of requests for modo , there might be more but until i get modo i cannot ask more :slight_smile: … btw modo seems a killer tool and i would like to add it in my modelling arsenal … we will see about that :slight_smile: . Congrats Luxology Team!

(pfheww my very first post … lol)


It would be nice to be able to OBJ export only the visible element.

For example in Lightwave:

1.) If you hide a selection, and export, it will only export the visible portion.
2.) If you have multiple layers, it will only export the active layer

Right now in Modo it just exports everything no matter what layer you are on, or what’s currently visible.


strike that–modo already has this functionality. Or maybe lux was so quick to respond, they popped the code in there after my post!



First of all: MODO is a fantastic tool definitely worth learning etc! :wink:

Now, I have rather some questions than crits…

  1. I still haven’t found a way to reassign my mouse buttons? I’m very used to max and it’s quad menus, which I love, and I’d like to get some of the customizable Pie menus…

  2. Is there a command for quickly recalling the very lastly used command?

  3. Can I extend edges not by pressing “Z” and then moving the selected edge? See, I’d love to have this feature as it is in max - Shif and drag the selected edges…

Thanks for this amazing tool and for possible answers… :wink:


i think an edge subdivision would be fantastic


I think that to have a zoom window tool would be fantastic like in Lightwave. I use it very much when i´m working with orthographic views.

however, i think it´s a fantastic software to model.



WHAT??? You have to hold Shift or CTRL to add / remove selections ???
Damn! After 12 years working with Lightwave’s Modeler, i’ll have to fry my brain out to get used to that!
Please, do a realy quick fix on that! Add the ability to alter that mode to our likes…

Best regards,


Thats right it really sucks to have it behave like every other program when you select something. Have you ever used photoshop or even windows? They have you use shift to add to the selection. Ctrl does let you select discontinous items but you are still pressing them and not having the program read your mind.


i kinda agree that having to use 2 buttons to do the job isnt the nicest solution. even though its pretty much standard doesnt mean its the best way to do things.

i like how clay does it. it takes about a few sessions to get used to it but its soo nice not to ever have to switch keys between adding/subtracting. cant say what the guy did to solve the problem. but i assure you its WAY more comfortable :wink:


I have to say that after years of using LW i had no problem adapting to the Shift/Add Ctrl/Subtract selection mode. I only wish there was an invert selection mode like Maya has.

Still, it might be good to have an option to switch so users can use what they like most. It’s not high on my list though.

I would love to have Bridge and Connect. They are pretty high on my list.


What is special about the way Maya does it?


It would be cool if pie menus allowed more than just 8 (I think it’s 8…) items per pie menu. As it is, if you have more things in your pie menu form they just don’t show up.

Also, not everything works as all kinds of menus. For instance I couldn’t get all of the default left-side menus (vert, edge, etc.) to work as pie menus–they prefer to function as pop-overs.