Feature requests for modo


more requests:). but this one is a biggie, and probably wont make it into modo because it would change a few things around in modo ( including the entire layer approach.
but im stating my suggestions here regardless. there could be one or 2 ideas that might help out.

Geometry Management.


isnt average the same as smooth in modo? its just like the tighten tool in mirai,wings, no?


Currently there is only one tool I miss , and that’s a bridge tool for polygons. A large part of my work is architectural, and for the window/door openines the bridge tool is indespensible.


Someone should sticky this, instead of having 4 post that are basically wishlist.

@Levitateme, most of what you want, has been ask by many users…hope Lux listen. as for the edge ring selection i made my own suggestions here:


any another weird suggestion here…thought i have to agree with AW, i dont like the current layering system, too messy. Connect is a must.


Yeah i do miss the Bridge polygon tool also. But most importantly, i would like to create my own navigation, instead of the default LW/Maya. I rather just use my mouse to select,rotate,zoom and pan…Holding Alt to use the Lasso function. anyway, custom navigation is a MUST also.






As per this thread: http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=172669

A tool that kills your selection, drops your current tool…everything. A universal drop tool. The equivalent to hitting escape 3 times but something where I can map it to a key by only hitting the key once. I am unable to create this with your current toolset.

I would like more reset to default buttons in many of the panels. For example, system > preferences > tool handles and play with the different sizes. If I find out that I don’t like them, how do I reset to the way it was before. It would be really convenient to just hit a button, reset to default or something like that. In many places, it would be handy.


This would be excellent too!


@ Renderman_xsi

you bring up some really nice points. yeah MMB on a edge would be nice and faster too.

@ Triton i really like that idea too. i like modeling in flat shaded modo 95% of the time. and i also agree with anyone who says the layer system in modo needs work.

I imported a MA file from maya. and it took each file and put it on a layer i had 86 layers i think. in maya i had 3, one layer for the character, 1 for the eyes, and 1 for his clothing. the layers need reworked imo.


you can drag and drop objects into groups btw. but seeing logically what is being displayed, what i can select, what is shaded, etc, could use a bit of a revamp


I put wireframe opacity in the feature requests a while back. I’m glad someone else mentioned it.


You can add me to that list too cg. Wireframe opacity is definitely nice to have.


Some ideas have already been stated, but here goes:

  • Wireframe color on a per polygon/ edge/ layer basis
  • Some ideas from Byron’s Poly Tools
  • Bridge tool
  • Spline falloff/ constraint with adjustable influence radius per CV (kinda advanced LW Spline deform) for komplex bend and twist operations, support for multiple splines as scale and banking controllers
  • Shrink wrap or ZSphere style surface creation based on oriented primitives



[li]configurable mousebuttons (LMB, MMB, RMB and scroll wheel up/down) working with alt, shift, ctrl and any combination of them[/li][/ul]very important for a good workflow imho …

regards chris


did you check out menu editor to see if what you are looking is in there? because menu editor lets you assign many stuff to mouse and its combinations. it is under system/form editor,


hi kursad.

important for me is a xsi-like navigation (i know it’s not possible yet) and map things like select more/less ect. to the scrollwheel … and alt-scrollwheel = grow/shrink selection :love:

but thanks for the hint with the form editor. :slight_smile:


i am surprised that we cannot modify navigation style in modo, only there are 2 remappings. i do use a wacom, so i try most of the stuff modifying it through wacom control panel.


Modo needs a Maya/XSI/Max/every other app…object mode accessable by clicking on the object as well as a duplicate and clone/instance object function

Also there needs to be a method for proxy modeling where the cage can be modeled side by side with the Sub-d…see proxy smooth or CPS for maya


currently you cannot do that
but you can do close similar to that one

here is a sample i did