Feature requests for modo


Also, does modo have an equivalant to Softimage’s Sticky Keys? If they don’t, it would be great if they implemented them.

It’s not the exact same thing but yeah,if you hold a tool’s hotkey,it will use it as long as you hold it then go back to Selection,as opposed to XSI in which it goes back to the last used tool.


Small fix. I noticed when I rotate with the alt key in perspective mode (.), and stop dragging with the mouse it keeps spinning. It’s a cool feature to spin the model. But if the mouse wasn’t moving then don’t spin.


DOH. Left click don’t spin. Right click spin. Easy as that.


Totally agree about the Axis things, it’s very useful, I was going to suggest that.

Here are a few other things I suggest:

  1. Quick tool for target welding vertices, like in XSI or 3dsmax. Essential.

  2. Ability to show polygon backfaces as a viewport setting. This would help a lot.

  3. Maya navigation, but with raycast on LMB.

  4. Snapping while hovering over components in Edge slice mode or similar tools.

  5. Being able to see the Fall-off size at all times if wanted. This is especially for the T tool. Somewhat similar to painting in photoshop, you see a circle which is your brush size, and it should also show at which angle you are going to paint. Perfect example is the M tool with Proportional modeling, in XSI.


my two suggestions:

[li]python scripting [/li][li]possibility to set a smoothing angle per edge instead of per material -> important for low poly models [/li][/ul]


out of curiosity, is there a really good reason why a couple people are asking for python scripting? Is it faster or can it somehow do more? Or is it just that nobody wants to bother learning perl? (which i could definitely understand…)


Okay, it seems Modo 201 has both of these things. However, it really would be nice if instead of the sticky keys deselcting the current tool, that they would reselect it when you let go of it.

Also a “Select newest created geometry” command. This would work like if I beveld a sqaure, and pressed Deselect, then ran the command, it would select the four polygons created by the bevel. I.E. it would select the newest geometry created. I figure it would be pretty useful for Macro recording.


Is modo 201 rendering going to be hardware accelerated?

If its not, I request it as a feature.


Okay, it seems Modo 201 has both of these things. However, it really would be nice if instead of the sticky keys deselcting the current tool, that they would reselect it when you let go of it.

Haven’t made an official request thread out there but I remember asking for it.

I’d prefer to keep it as it is and have the option,with a hotkey,to switch the behavior and make it keep the last used tool,that way you could easily go back in a ‘Sticky Selections’ or ‘Sticky Tools’ mode.

Edit:oh,and it’s in 102 also :slight_smile:


What’s in 102?


python is a much nicer language than perl and also lua! :slight_smile:

…and if i understand modo’s scripting integration correctly (but i only used the eval version so far) it wouldn’t be much effort for luxology to also support python. wrapping those lx functions should be a piece of cake.


[left]Today I started modeling a car rim, and I figured out that with a little tool things would be much easier…

I’d like a tool that organises selected points in a circle… example, I started modelling my rim from the outer part, and it finishes in a hexagon kinda manner in the center, but I want that to be a perfect circle. I can always do it with making a cylinder in the center and then connecting the haxagon end in the center to the cylinder, but it would be much nicer if I could just do it with a tool, without making any extra geometry in order to align everything. Same goes with screws on the rim and the geometry that has to be around them (obviously circular)… I just want to select points and give them a little correction so they form a circle. And in cases when I have a lot of points that aaalmost form a circle, it’s a pain to adjust things manually. This tool would even make my workflow different and a lot faster… in some cases.

Maybe this tool could have different options… axis selection, or maybe an option of making an average circle in space (not fixed to a strict x, y or z), and tweaking that…

What do others think about it?


Hi, this looks like the tool You are describing -----------> http://www.vertexmonkey.com/modeling_scripts_edit.php

it`s called “PerfectCircle”
hope I was some help



Oh yes, this is looking cool! I oversaw this script while I was browsing the vertexmonkey before… anyway, it would still be cool if this tool/script would be in the standard Modo toolset, at least in some shady pull down menu in the Vertex tab… anyway, tnx again eXplaintz!


djcorea, don’t forget you can add that script to the menu just like you described. Play around in Form Editor (F3).


I all , I’ve started to learn Modo. And as you know that Modo as no nurbs types tool. The EdgeBridge tool give me sometimes good result, sometimes not…

so here a link of my bridge tool concept who can take effect from the Polygon shared by the 2 edges selection and take advantage of there normal direction to create fine tunned forms…

As you can see on that image I put over the wireframe of what I would like to do … and what the bridge tool do for me… hu hu …to bad controls.

so give me your comment if you planned to create that type of tool or if you get an advice.

here the link of Luxology forum post: http://forums.luxology.com/discussion/topic.aspx?id=5345


I think it would be cool to have a .MDD importer/exporter and a batch renderer type thingy for rendering out animation in 201.

Right now it’s going to come out with a single frame renderer, but let’s say you could scrub through an MDD file or set of files and render that frame out. Then, add on some sort of automater/batch processor that will auto advance and render frames.

If we came up with something similar to this, the renderer could be used to render animations instead of only rendering stills only.

For examples of a good MDD importer/exporter look at Mark Wilson’s “Point Oven Pro” plugin.


Definetely missing export options like in ZBrush - axis flipping, scaling multiplier etc for various formats.

Now Ive got a big headache with scaling of models which doesnt match its inputs…

P.S: I dindt go through the whole thread so If someone already wrote it then excuse me:scream:


Hello, new user here so if these tools are already in Modo 202 I apologize for asking for them. I come from a Maya/XSI background and there have been a few tools I’m missing, particularly from the XSI front:

  • Lattice deformation: I really can’t believe Modo doesn’t have this, if it’s actually there could someone please point it out to me?

  • Relax tool: this is one of my favorite XSI tools, it always feels like magic when I use it. It’s similar to the Smooth tool but I find it much more useful. It softens the selected vertices but it generally manages to keep the general silhouette and volume of whatever is selected. The smooth option usually flattens the surface which then needs additional tweaking to get it back to a nice round shape.

  • A vertex merging tool a la Tweak tool in XSI (which lets you merge vertices simply by snapping one to the other in the viewport screen)

  • I’m also quoting Christian Fischer who said he would want this tool. I couldn’t agree more. That tool would seriously rock IMO.

  • On a final note, there is one more thing that I might find use for but might be problematic for many since it’s not so much of a tool as a workflow issue: I’ve noticed that, while most of the tools are live while the tool is selected, there is no such thing as a history stack that might let me revisit those parameters once that tool is dropped. Implementing something like that might mean a huge drop in performance, but it could also be tremendously useful.

All in all the program rocks, and I’m definetely sticking with it, I just miss some features I’d become accustomed to.


hi all ,

first i was working with modo but for some reasons i got tired for things i do not know :argh:

so what iam trying to say is iam less than bignner :rolleyes:

so what lightwave has to do with modo ?

and i really need helping hands about the modlling in modo thanks :thumbsup: