Feature requests for modo


I’m sure this has already been said, but a .max or a .3ds export from Modo would be nice :slight_smile:


.max isn’t going to happen since it is a proprietary max format. Obj is a lot better than 3ds as well. It handles more than triangles and will actually retain uv maps. 3ds barfs on both of those.


And there is a .ASE exporter on vertexmonkey.com it’s a very basic one but it will get the geometry into 3DS MAX


I’m sure you get these a lot but if I say it again it will reinforce it, right? :smiley:


Mouse customization


another vote for a topology brush type tool…

or the capabilities of Zbrush…

whichever is easier to incorporate:rolleyes:


Hi, I love modo, i have buyed with the special offers lightwave,
but i don’t understand why the subpatch weight don’t affect the vertex, only the edge are affected.
In this case modo is complementary to lightwave (Obvious, i prefer edge weighting, but point weighting something would be useful)

Sorry for english.


A minor thing that might have been mentioned allready; it would be nice to have a rotation gizmo with 3 circles for every action axis ( also for Element, Screen, Auto and Local ) where you can change to X, Y or Z by just cicking on one of them so you don’t have to move the mouse the Tool Properties all the time to do that, or find another element you want to rotate around if you’re using Element Axis and want to rotate around another axis bacause you can only rotate around the Z axis…

 I know, not very original because everyone does it that way, but that's because it works so good I suppose.


xsi ,support…would be lovely…and yes Z-Brush type tools…please


How is this different than clicking on one of the axis rings and rotating?


if these tools allready exist, can someone please tell me where i can find them… just started with modo and missing some stuff like:

*add edges (like in lw)
*tools for selecting everyting at one side of an axis
*bridge tool like allready mentioned
*apply button in the mirror tool
*point clone plus (like in lw)


Use Edge Slice to nicely take the place of Add Edges in LW, Bridge is in the Duplicate menu. No point clone or apply tool for mirror.


New user and already a request hehehehe.

Ok i dont know if this has been asked before because i havent read the entire thread, in case it already was consider it as a “re-enforcing” request :smiley:

When we double click on an Edge it will select the Edge Loops, great, now can we have the same in Polys and vertices?

Double clicking on Vertices and Polys will select the entire Vertices/Polys from that object, but i can do that already with a Select Connect.

Also, Double clicking on an existing selected Edge Loop should deselect it :slight_smile:


I realize this isn’t the same as your request, but it may help: “l” and “alt-l” on the keyboard select loops and rings for any type of selection (in case you weren’t aware). You could remap these to somthing easier to use if you use this a lot…




As Luxology speaking about GAMES modeling with MODO, now there is coming a solid render with I hope there is also a robust TEXTURE BAKING for game export of rendering and lowpoly model :wink:

The only robust Texture baking I now is from 3ds max !

That’s my only wanted request :slight_smile:



From modo 201 feature list:

Render Baking
[li]Convert complex texturing setups into color image maps[/li][li]Convert micropolygon displaced meshes into normal maps[/li][li]Bake advanced lighting options directly into image maps[/li][/ul]Mike


Fantastic ! :beer:


Okay, here’s an easy one to implement. In Softimage XSI, if you are in a 3d viewport, and you click in between the space of two modifiers, then it only activates those two modifiers, I.E. If you click in between X and Y modifer, it will only translate the selected components on the X and Y axis. This may seem small, but it is a huge time saver.

Also, does modo have an equivalant to Softimage’s Sticky Keys? If they don’t, it would be great if they implemented them.


I would liek to have the ability to paint on multiple channels like body paint, i can select a brush, color, brush color values for each channel or combo of chanels and with 1 stroke it paints different things on the selected channels simultaneously.

I think this would make textureing reallllly fast.

You guys prolly got this already.


Does Modo have a mirror instance tool? I think you could increase your subdivisions if half the model could be instanced out.


Threre is a network project called Verse that is trying to connect everything to a network pipeline. It instantly displays what you are working on from Blender to Maya and back again in realtime. It could be extended for Modo 201. So you could be animating in Maya and make some Modo geometry changes on another computer and it would instantly update in Maya.

Going further, the reverse could be true. You could animate in Modo and watch the tracks appear in Maya.

Yeah I know Modo 301 will have animation, but it would be great to have more than 1 user working on a scene together. That was my idea behind TagCMA.

This is definitely a feature for Nexus to concentrate on. It goes along with the “Play nice with others” philosophy. And the collaboration concept needs to bake a little more. It’s still a novel idea. And Nexus could evolve this idea.