Feature requests for modo



Thanks for the very thoughtful answers Nemoid and Ambient-Whisper.
I hope I didn’t come off as if I’m bashing the app, I really love it. I just miss some of my tools from previous software I’d worked with.


  • Lattice deformation has been a huge time saver in terms of modelling in my experience. I like the soft move tool a lot. In fact, generally speaking, the sheer range of falloff options available to Modo puts to shame most apps I’ve worked with in that regard. I do however think a lattice deformer would be great for general reshaping. Maybe it’s just me though.

  • The smooth tool is pretty nifty, and I generally use it with the airbrush falloff set to mutiply which has given me rather nice results, but it still doesn’t even come close to XSI’s Relax tool IMO. It’s hard to explain the difference between them unless you actually use them (I hunted down some vids at softimage’s website but couldn’t find any). The results with the relax tool are flawless nearly all the time. I wish I knew more about the way it acheives them so I could explain better the process involved.

  • About the slice tool: that tool is wonderful and I could never do without, but it was my understanding from watching the vid that this new tool would place the resulting edge loop not smack down in the middle of the polygon but instead make it follow the curve that would result from subdividing the object. I’m not sure if that’s the way it works, but it would be terrific for organic modeling, where adding an edge loop usually means having to go back and push those edges allong their normals to make them confrom to the curvature of the mesh instead of flattening that specific area.


Hey, I recognize you from Tweak! It’s nice running into you here as well. Thank you for pointing out to me that a construction history wouldn’t bog down Modo. That’s good news to hear and I really hope they incorporate it into a new release. It would be definite plus for me.


thanx for elaborating andrespalma
about slicing,
with loop slice tool (alt+c) you can slice only selected polygons and not only In the middle, but you can decide the number of slices it does, if they’re uniform or free, place em where you want.

as for following the curve the shape would have once subdivided you don’t have that, basically because subpatches aren’t nurbs and an edgeloop is not like an isoparm unfortunately. what you’re actually cutting is a loop of polygons 8you can see this activating the cage when working in subpatch or toggling from subpatch to polygons and vice versa)

instead , when slicing in Modo you can set depth amount (which is kinda an innovation compared to lightwave 3d bandsaw tool) so that ou can get something similar to what you ask for, but not the same. :frowning:

it surely would be nifty to have such a feature tho.


modo (as well as many other 3D apps, like Lightwave, 3dsMax, XSI…) seems to have some problems to import OBJs files with n-gons.
Here’s the same OBJ file imported in modo and then in C4D, wich imports OBJs perfectly.



Hmmm … I find C4D to be greatly lacking with obj support. I usually have better luck with any other app, that was until the new RipTide plugin was updated, now it is perfect in C4d.



Blender seems to do it pretty well too. It’s a shame I’m having problems to export to LWO (Phyton error messages)… I’ll keep trying.
–EDIT: it reads the n-gons OBJ ok, and it’s shown in the viewport with no problems, but
it seems to triangulate everything to do that… so…–
modo is supposed to be the “…most advanced polygonal and subdivision surface 3D modeling environment available”. It should import OBJs correctly, I guess… :rolleyes:



Does it render like that? If not, go into preferences then opengl and disable VBO. That should stop that happening.



Unfortunately it renders like that. It’s not an OpenGL problem, it’s just modo seems to have some problems importing OBJs. It seems like it doesn’t triangulate internally complex n-gons properly. If you reduce the n-gons size, it gets better, but still gives some problems.
Another thing is, it’s like it doesn’t read the normals smoothig information from the OBJ.

It would be great if one of the new 301 features was a better OBJ importer, like Maya or Cinema 4D have.



if you add animation engine, why not dynamics engine ?


Because that’s a completely different story.


Wings had this great way of handling material presets. New materials could be imported as a part of a seperate scene and would appear in the scene graph where they cold be applied b right clicking.

It would be good to see somehting like this in modo.



Huge thread here…

Some great posts and suggestions for features.

I recently switched over to modo and im loving it! I’ve never picked up a 3D program so quickly and Im loving its power and ease of use and I know I’ve only scratched the surface.

Off the top of my head here are a few things that I think Modo should have more of:


It be cool to see some FK/IK and stuff like that for character modelers. But I would also love to see some rigging tools designed specifically for motion graphics artists. The morph targets already work pretty good for some basic things. I would love to see some mograph features. I feel that is a slightly untapped market in the 3D biz (of coarse i have been out of it for awhile).
By mograph rigging features I would love to see easy set up for stuff like growing objects (vines, trees) and flourishes.
But like I said I am new to modo so some functions for stuff like that might already be there and I just havent found them yet.



those 2 things would make me 2x happy with modo and would also mean we could move away from the lightwave/max combo we use at the studio here and go 100% modo.


Somebody please could tell me where can i find Modo movies about Action Centers, which can be found at
C:/Program Files/Luxology/modo 302/help/pages/video/ActionCenters/ActionCenters-01.mp4
etc but i don’t have any…


Hey gang, checkout:





IK / FK rigging and movement for true bipedal animation.

Particles and physics (especially gravity).

Nodal based materials editor.

Those are the big three for me.


The three linux users that showed an interest wasn’t offestting the work it takes to support it. This is a dead horse.


I would LOVE to see a simple import feature built-in for importing Daz/Poser figures inside Modo. Something that just points to a “.pz3” scene or character and will place it in, adjust materials, size etc. all with ease. Personally, I use the Daz characters because I do hi-res renders and those figures have tons of clothing, hair and such.

The other feature I would like is the ability to fully pose the figures and use the “morph dials” channels just like in Poser but with Modo too. That way I can setup the seen fully inside Modo without having to pose them first or use a program like Poser. All the work could be done in Modo.



‘Click through’ option applied to all component modes: Right now, when toggling between vertex, edge, and polygon mode, tools get dropped.

Being able to select two component modes: I think mixing and matching component modes would be a good idea. Sometimes, I would want to select only vertices and polygons, but not edges.


i would like to see the following function in the paint tab:
Stroke´s follow normals in correct angle when i use image ink to reduce texture stretching/distortion


mmm… Stability and no more messy mesh… the rest can wait.