Feature Film: Project Angels


Hello Everyone,

I’ve been working on this script for about 4 years and I think it’s about time to be produced.

This project might start as a free project, but there are alot of sponsors and investors interested in the script. So it might take off as a real production and fully paid.

If the project should get picked up by a sponsor or investor each member who helped will get paid for their time.

Right now there is one investor who is looking at the script and wanting to buy out the script. I’m not sure if I wanted to sell it, cause I really want to produce it myself- reason why I posted this thread.

I reside in Orlando and would like to have the preproduction team close-by; Concept Artist, Writer (I can use the help), Previsualize team.

If you are interested and lives around Orlando Area, please contact me chanse@chanseimage.com

The script is a three part series as a feature presentation and multiple stories for broadcast series etc. The script is my baby, so I need those that I can trust and willing to have fun.

PS: there is a website for this project, but it’s a secure site for copyright reason. www.projectangels.org

Tom Chan.


Hey, I took a gander at your website but couldn’t get in… maybe I’m missing something. What’s your general story about?


yeah since I am not a “member” maybe you want to post a little story stuff.


hmmm this sounds promising I will help if i can find the time.

One thing I would do is make say maybe the first 2-5 minutes of this then say here i want to direct here is proof.

i have heard of this really actually working.

excpet the guy who I heard it working for wanted his script bought out not visca versca. but he got offered the directing job anyway.


Sorry about the site, yeah it’s for members only. I only posted on the thread just to show i wasn’t kidding.

Here’s the summary that I wrote for one of the potential investors.

Project Angels: Summary
Project Angels is a 3-part story that revolves around one man’s insanity. These three episodes have working titles such as; Episode 1 Rebuild, Episode 2 Rage, Episode 3 Rebellion.

Project Angels will have a unique style of writing and storytelling. Many movies are edited in a linear fashion from start to finish, most series are the same; start to finish. In Project Angels the story, Rebuild, is actually the last story. The Director, Tom Chanthalansy, wanted the story to be unique and demanding from the viewers. By producing the 3rd story and turning it into the first episode will be unique, this will also give the viewers situations that are un-answered. By producing the story in this fashion, it will bring more demands for the next two episodes because the viewers will demand an explanation.

The Back Story
Many years before the story took place, a famous scientist, created a new technology in secret. The technology is an AI creation made for the purpose of protecting mankind from invasions and other destruction that may occur. While completing his new technology, the scientist died from old age. His death was unknown to the outside world and his secret technology died with him.

Years later a great war between countries emerge, with many death and casualties, the population of mankind started decreasing. With the decision of the government, a new form of military tactic was conducted. By using the clone technology, soldiers where created to help fought the war. ARCH, the leading company that provides military technology was the main distributor of cloned armies.

By using the cloned armies and ignoring the protesting citizens the country won the war, instead of celebrating the victory a new war stirred up between protestors and the government. Most organization formed an army of protestors to fight against the ideas of clone. After many years of inner battle, the country split into two colonies.

The “Cities” is where technology and luxury is the key to life. There are 5 cities that belong to the Government; barracks were build to keep the other colony from entering.

The “Outskirts” are those who fought against the government. There are no laws and no protection in the Outskirts. You may live as your will, but life in the Outskirts can be dangerous.

Small debates and rivalries occur here and there between the two colonies, but no big war occurred until

ARCH, Advance Research Corporation Headquarter, founded a document called Alien Technology. In the document are blueprints and notes from the past science mention earlier. The technology shows many potential elements and new discoveries, without the permission of the Government; ARCH push forward on the project to create what was on the documebt. It was not easy to produce the technology because the notes where written in a language that none could read.

By looking at the drawings and blueprints, it was easily discovered that; this project was meant to create AI. Using the name of the scientist ARCH calls the project

These AI AKA Angels are meant to protect the world, instead ARCH developed them to become rulers of the world. Almost at the completion of the project, ARCH realize one important thing…the scientist not only wrote the document, he actually build the first model before he died.

This is only the backstory.

Sorry about my lack of skills in writing. It’s much better when I tell the story in person. The backstory is more developed then this. We actually have another script about the scientist, more like a prologue. Anyways, I hope this answers some questions and have people interested.



hmm do you have a shooting script yet?

just wondering but seeing as you have investors the answer is probibly yes.


The script for the first episode is in draft three.


I like the story. Great work.

Do you have any ideas what kind of assistance you are looking for? I really like futuristic styles, and modeling and animation are by far my best abilities when it comes to 3d work.

You said that you are looking for a team close to Orlando, I live in VA right now, but I’m moving to Orlando this November because of school and such.

Sounds like it’s really got some potential, good luck with it.


Hey that would be cool!! The style of the look changes in each story. The first story will be more of a Mad Max type of look. looks of dust and wind…stuff like that, reddish tones or earth tones.

I’m starting to model some of the stuff as we speak, I just finished off a weapon for the main character.

I wanted to create a pilot for the story so I can get some fundings and hire everyone on this forum :applause: :beer:

Once I get some initial ideas of the look and the script completed, I’ll be calling on everyone for help.



I forgot…

When you do move to Orlando, Please let me know. I really want to get with you on some help. Thanks.


in maybe one or two months I should be completly free to work on this project if you need any help.

just give me a few months to get my schedule cleared up.

sounds great.


“Sorry about my lack of skills in writing.”

umm, yeah, I was thinking about this whilst reading your synopsis. So, you wrote the entire story? I’m skeptical about your writing skill, since your grammar and diction is so lacking. Otherwise I’d be onboard.



Writing a script for a feature is much different than writing an essay or a book. Most of the scripts I wrote are similiar to note-taking accept for the dialogues and such. Also being a good story-teller doesn’t necessary mean you need to be a good writter.

Plus there’s always grammar check :stuck_out_tongue: :applause:


“Also being a good story-teller doesn’t necessary mean you need to be a good writter.”

Actually, it’s kind of essential. If you are unable to effectively and eloquently communicate your story, no one is going to be interested in reading it.

I’m not meaning to flame you, it’s just that you write as though you were a 15 year old, or someone who is learning english as a second language. Your sentences are akward, jumbled, and congested.

I’ll give you this: story-telling and writing are two different things, the oral and written word are two different things. There are some people who can communicate very well using the spoken word, but lack the necessary writing skills. But since you are WRITING down your story (in script format), you must be able to write effectively.

I’m no PhD in English, but I was taught to write and edit by one - and your synopsis was difficult to read (by difficult I mean strenuous). You should really work on your writing if you intend to make a name for yourself - be it as a storyteller or a writer.


EDIT: “Writing a script for a feature is much different than writing an essay or a book.” – The same rules apply. Composition, grammar, diction, and punctuation play a factor in all forms of writing. Scripts, essays and books are all highly structured forms of writing, which depend on a working knowledge of the written languauge. work on your writing.


I guess I know what you mean and yes english is my second language.

Oh well, thanks for the information…I guess I should call off on the production…and no I don’t think you are FLAMING ME.




Interesting comments… I think that if you have a great idea…it’s a great idea. One may not be able to explain it completely in English, but the idea is still there. If you have people interested in buying the script, you’ve done at least something correct. From what I have read, it looks like your story has a lot of potential. I think that if you had a few folks helping you out with the drafting of the story, then you would be set as far as your english goes.:shrug: I didn’t find the reading ‘strenuous’, but that’s just me. If you have your draft of your script in a word document or anything like that, I would be glad to read through it and look for places for clearification and correction. Just a thought. Good Luck regardless:thumbsup: .


wow thanks alot, sure brings my confidence back up.

You surely understand me, that is what I was trying to express. That you don’t need to be very good in writing, english in this matter, especially for a script. Most script writers usually at the set explaining all details of his writing and in other cases the script writer directs the film themselfs.

Once the draft is complete, I would gladly mail you a copy for revisions.

Thanks Guys.

PS I’m starting to model a character this week…I might need to change forum when I post my progress…thanks for the support CGTalkers.



I think Dark Crystal has the right idea, bring in some people to look over the script.


Hey Tom,

You said that you were working on the script a little, do you have an opening sequence or something like that? I would enjoy reading it just to get a feel for your style, if you don’t mind.



Yes I do have an opening sequence…im kinda at the climax rightnow about page 28 I think. There’s some bugs I need to work out in my head before I continue to write. I you want to read some of it, I don’t mind. If you are on AIM you can find my screen name chanseimage.

UPDATE: I’m testing out some technigues on modeling some of the character. I tried the hobbit modeling tutorial…not much of a poly fan. So now I’m trying NURBS Patch.