Feathers, Tan Peng Yueh (2D)


Title: Feathers
Name: Tan Peng Yueh
Country: Malaysia
Software: Photoshop

“No wind, no rain, no conversation
Will bring me back alive
Waving in the wind like feathers
Feel you near me, disappearing
If you take, you better kill me”
(Inspired lyrics portion)
This is an image inspired by the Rock band Twilight Singers Lead by Greg Dulli from Afghan Whigs.
One depressive Angel male & a Suicidal Angel lady are tryin to suicide in each others. They are suffering in a strange violate underground luv.This is an Unforbidden relationship between different type of Angel races. Really Unhappy to be Angel dat is no Freedom as Human Being. So, resurrection is the only way to evolve their Real love.
Tools : Adobe photoshop & Wacom Tablet.

My First FInished Wacom Art~~…
Any comments will be deeply appreciate. Thanx peoples!
>> Hi resolution image <<


Interesting looking image. What i am not clear about is the hand of the male Angel… Is the female Angel biting the male Angel’s thumb? :curious:

Also, the hand that she’s holding the gun with sorta looks short above the elbow and the angle of her face doesn’t seem to go well with the perspective of her hair.


derrie…yes, u r rite on the thumb is biting by the angel… My first concept is to paint the Suicidal Angel weeping wif tears running on her face. Too bad, i can’t express the Face in an evocative standard.

Good insight bout her Lower Arm…It should look behind… I am a poor lighting -setup… the Lady arm took me quite a few days to sketch out. I really wanna tried to let her point the gun towards her forehead. It might looks more emotional wif tears running on her face.

I think the hair should drawing bottom a bit, rite? it is a small “hunch” on her head skull to u now?

Thx for the cool comments bout Hair. I only realize em in ur info.


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