Feather, Qin Hu (2D)


Title: Feather
Name: Qin Hu
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

here is my latest 2D work named “Feather”,she is a fairy in the unknow world,she is a beautiful and lovely girl .I refered a model named “Alisa”, who has a pair of beautiful brightness eyes. I was attracted by her eyes when I looked at her picture, so I decided to draw her in my work, as a fairy in forest.
i spent a lot time to draw the hair and the dress ,and that is great exprience for me .
i hope you like her .
thank you .


nice job!!

although there is a bit weird between her hair and forehead …[font=monospace,sans-serif][/font]


I agree. It tucks into the forehead like a wig. But I do love the piece in generaly. Love the warm and old parchment kind of colors. I like the stylizing of the folds and flow of the dress. Nice work. Keep it up.


Much impressive!


Yes, I’d look at her hairline again. Also, her shoulders would have to be dislocated to be in that position. The handling of the fabric is wonderfully stylized, and your color sense is lovely, but the incorrect anatomy steals all the attention.


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