Fearless, Alon Chou (2D)


This is really really amazing. I look at it for the third time and cannot help but wonder how you made it that much alive.


amazing! you are amazing! x)


great pic :wink: 5* of course


Oh hell yeah! That kicks ass man!


Hi thank you dude!

Michael Kutsche : thank you, the face expression of your works is great too, they are awesome!

Mathias: I appreciate you sais that, I took amlost three weeks to finished it last year, but then I polished again recently.

Tiziano : wow, that’s really the best words for me, thank you mate!

eric : thank you,

Mohsen: hey mate, I am glad you like it, thanks!

Daffydd : thank you,

Carine: thank you, your works are great! I love them too

Anthony: that’s also I worry about before, but I am glad you said that, thank you for your kind words.

Andreas : thank you, maybe you are right, ha…

Michael See: I appreciate that your star my friend!

Inga: thank you, that’s what I want to do~

Borja: thank you!

and thank you all my friend,
Thomas, Arianna,ong-seah YAP,Michal Lisowski,Giuliano,
VirIvlev, Greg, Javi, eric , Iman ,Borja , Darek Zabrocki,Ray…


You are very good in art sense, not only on the drawing skill!! This one is my favourite art piece!! Beside the main character, I really enjoy to look at the sand and dust on the ground, the warm reflaction on the sword, all this small details are great and the entire piece of mood captured. Well done!!Jia you!


Wow, simply great…5 *


Great work…


love it, you can totaly feel the emotion and flow of the action illistrated in the face and pose totaly great work.


I like it, and its very well done. If I have any critique, its that for all the “action” in your painterly rendering of the background… the main figure is a bit static and seems “posed”. My personal preference would be to see a more loose, gestural feeling to the weapons in action - similar to what you used in the background. The gesture is very dynamic, but the rendering at times is somewhat static - thats what I am trying to get at, make sense?

Great job tho, kudos!


I’m usually very critical, but I have nothing to point out! I don’t think he feels “posed” at all, it’s very dynamic!

You make it look easy!!! :eek:


kick ass stuff man! he really seems to have fun on his batle!


I don´t like it - i love it. Excellent composition - character posing/expression - color & textures and last but not least an extremly well balanced level of detail. be proud.
Congrats and regards



hai man,it’s very cool~ i like it very much!
i wish i will great! Come on everyone!!!


This is just a stunner, Alon. Really dynamic posing, fantastic expression, the grime and dirt and spray really convey a sense of battle - just top notch work!



Full of energy, power and spirit. It’s totally awesome!
Congrat! Bro, you are the best~


This is amazing, I love it! Can you show/tell us a bit about the process? Do you have any work in progress shots?


very nice piece of work, nice colours, an details specialy on the chain mell.

fantastic!!! 5 for u


SO GOOD :bounce:
i like this action post


great work! very dynamic, interesting climat. I like it!