Fearless, Alon Chou (2D)


Title: Fearless
Name: Alon Chou
Country: Taiwan
Software: Photoshop

hey everybody,

this work was commissioned by a company: <Vector EA – Artes Electronicas> last year.

it’s a story based on the era of Crusades; A crusader is fighting bravely on the battlefield; he does not know what fear is, hope you like it.

thank you!



Wow - that’s intense! Like right out of some medieval action movie :slight_smile: Nothing to crit - this is just awesome!


Yes, I like him very much !

5* from me ! :thumbsup:


awesome! great face expression and colours! :thumbsup:


good work ! :thumbsup: , the catch on motion is fantastic , ( he is turning :scream:) ,wonderful .


ha, I just thought today that I`d like to see some new stuff from you my friend and here it is
your painterly style is always impressing me and also the facial expression is perfect
5 stars for such a dynamic piece
how long does it take you to do such a picture?


Amazing work, great lighting and colours!!! 5*


Absolutely perfect! No crits at all, only stars. A lot of stars.


My friend, every time I think you can’t possibly become any better you prove me wrong.

Dinamysm, atmosphere, palette, expression…I can feel the heat, the sand, the tension and adrenaline rush…

5 stars ans a lot of admiration.



(in terms very very cool!!!)


Wow very nice, good feeling of battle and very weel done !


Amazing image, really well done.


Beautiful and strong as usual . 5*


wowwwwww alone it’s reallry so nice man.
I believe your works are better from all.:bounce:
the last your work excellent.:smiley:

          • from me.


What an exciting image!! Excellent work, Alon!



Yeah ! It’s Beautiful !! fantastic Work, i love it


Wow amazing :wink: :thumbsup:


This is gorgeous work you’ve done. I am impressed by how you were able to instill the sense of intense action in the background without detracting from the focus of the image, the crusader. Excellent job!


The master returns…you sure have some skills.

The warrior might seem a bit too “Fabio”…but that’s what the client probably wanted…



a 5 stars well deserved:)excellently done as always.