Fear Difference - nudity sketch for watercolor


This is a sketch I did in Clip Studio Paint Ex for a watercolor for my Surreal Figures Collection.

This is a quick paint just to see if I like the colors together.

I think I want to change the four legs to skin tones, then add the gay rights/power colors to them, but make it look like the paint is dripping down different parts of the legs, to make it more clear that the four legs make up the Swastika covered in the gay rights colors. Any other ideas, let me know.

I am for gay rights, BTW. This is not an anti gay piece. It is more about how anti gays take it too far in their judgments.


The way you chose to convey your intent has inherent problems in the clarity of the message. By having the two figures’ legs form the swastika, you’re confusing the viewer, because the oppressor and the victim are both the same object. Instead, you should separate them so the swastika is a separate entity that is shown to oppress the two figures (for example, the two figures are crucified on the swastika, and the blood dripping from their wounds is rainbow colored).


That’s a pretty cool idea. Some of the people in the background are pointing. One is pointing a gun. I was hoping that would convey the message that it is not against homosexuals. I also kind of want people to think about the meaning, and along with the collection it will belong to, they should see that none of my views are anti homosexuals. I do like the idea of them being nailed to the swastika, though.