FBX file imports into Max with no applied textures


I’ve never used 3ds Max in this way, but i was given an .fbx file from some architects using Revit. There’s some degree of separation here so I dont know what version or any specifics from their end.

The idea is that the company I work for wants to take a look at the interior model thats in the .fbx file and change around some of the colors.

When I import the .fbx file I leave import settings at default no matter the preset and open it. The file loads fine, all the geometry and lights and a camera is there. The problem is that everything appears with a light grey flag standard material.

The materials are all Multi/Sub materials but when I go into the sub mat its a standard material with no texture map. The .fbm file I get from the .fbx does have textures but there’s no way I could go through this entire file and manually apply textures to every single object in the scene. On top of that none of the objects seem to have proper UV’s so manually applying the bitmaps doesn’t even appear right.

What am I missing?