I have XSI 6 and I’m trying to find an FBX importer/exporter for it. I’ve installed Crosswalk thinking that it would include it, but I was incorrect. Doing a web search hasn’t been too fruitful either.
Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction?



File -> Crosswalk -> import/export FBX ?

works here.



Doesn’t work here.
I downloaded the latest version of Crosswalk off of the company site, but still no go.
I’m new to XSI so I don’t know if there is something that I have to turn on in the program to get this feature to work.
I’m running Essentials, if that makes a difference.



You can’t import anything or is it a specific scene? If nothing works, I would contact softimage support…



If you do not see the Crosswalk > Import FBX and Crosswalk > Export FBX commands, then for some reason the FBX plugin was not loaded.

Open the Plugin Manager, expand Factory Root > Plugins.
You’ll probably see a red triangle on the XSI FBX plugin.
Double-click the plugin, what error is displayed?


FBX is no place to be found.
I can import other things without a problem, but it’s FBX that I need.
I’ve attached a screengrab of my plugin manager in case someone can see what I may have overlooked.



Check your Crosswalk install.

There should be an FBX folder:


If there is such a folder, then go back to the Plugin Manager, click Load, and go to C:\Softimage\Crosswalk2.5\Plugins\FBX\Win32 and load the FBXXSI.dll. What happens?


Thanks alot. I now have FBX and all is right with the world again.



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