favorite program to paint textures in


What is your favorite and why.


I would have to say it’s Modo.

I’ve tried C4D Bodypaint and Mari and I don’t care for either one. Bodypaint has problems painting seams and fine lines(1-2 pixels) and I really dislike the texture flickering out when I rotate the model. As for Mari it does not paint fine lines (1-2 pixels) without leaving “globs” at the beginning of the stroke (tablet issues?) and every time you move the model it has to bake down the texture not to mention the huge set of cache files it creates even for a 4K single tile map.

In Modo the brush controls are fairly intuitive, it’s easy to design your brush tip (I can get a fall-off on a 2 pixel brush that makes a nice smooth stroke, good for fur etc.) Modo will also remember your settings so you don’t have to rebuild your brush. And you can navigate around your model quickly and easily sample colors from the model or from the color picker. There are a lot of little things that make it a good texture painter. That said however it has suffered since version 302 and been neglected in favor of the development of animation features. Its image projection which worked well in 302 crashes every time in 601. The merger with the Foundry is probably not going to help. Very sad as I feel its got a lot of potential.

My opinion only, for what I do it works very well.


For me, Bodypaint 3D and Photoshop. Photoshop is very easy to use for texture painting, and between that and Bodypaint I can get it all done.


We’ve not had the thin line problem reported before. We’ll have a look into that. Thanks for the heads up.

Is there any chance you could let me know which version of Mari and OS you’ve tested?



Double Post. Sorry.


I prefer 3D-Coat for painting/texturing. It’s very responsive and I have more control of where I want my details to be. It links with Photoshop, but I don’t need to bridge to it for the work I do. I then do my rendering in modo.


Hi forelle,
Sorry about the delay.
I was using the Mari 1.4v4 trial on Windows 7 x64 with an Nvidia Quadro 4000 card.
There is a sample file below. It’s not every stroke and generally happens when I try to paint quickly.
A lot of the fur in the image was already painted in Modo and I was using the same file to compare the results.

Fur sample

Thanks for your interest in solving this problem



Could you possibly try again on Mari 1.5? I’ll ask to developers to have a look at this, but it always help to test against the latest version. Thanks for the feedback. hopefully we’ll work out what is going on.

Can you replicate the problem using the mouse?



I installed version 1.5v1 trial and it seems to be working properly, no globs. The paint appears to match Modo very closely with the brush set to default and a 3 pixel radius.
In version 1.4v4 I remember having difficulty getting the brush to match Modo’s which may have contributed to the strange results. I also recently had to update drivers for my tablet and that might be helping as well.
As for trying to use a mouse, the results were horrible, very pixelated and no fall-off.

I think after this short test I will revise my opinion of Mari’s brush. As long as I’m using a tablet the results look good. Thanks for your time and help.

Fur sample 2


Glad this is working for you. I’d be interested to hear if you have any other comments / feedback.



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