Favorite Figurative Artists - Links


I just got back from the bookstore with a book of Gustave Dore illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy, sat down, and saw this awesome thread for the first time… coincidence? I think not.


I came across some great Inquisition inspired paintings and drawings by an artist [color=lemonchiffon]Nicolay Bessonov[/color] yesterday - some are pretty gruesome so beware! I think he has a thing for torture :wink:


another useful link I came across today - more graphic/illustration art but still :slight_smile:

it’s a website for collectors of graphic art but it has a list of artists [really lots of great ones] with some examples of their work and obviously once you have a name you can search further so here’s the list:
Graphic collectibles artists


Love this thread. Lots of names I recognise and lots I don’t (can’t wait to check them all out). So I won’t repeat what’s here.

Here’s an Aussie artist who works mostly in fibreglass sculpture, reimagining the possible future of humanity and all organic life. She works in the “gallery scene” but could easily be doing concept art for Cronenberg.


“we are family” and “nature’s little helpers” are the ones to check out!


Michael Bergt - absolutely awesome website!


Another EXCELLENT website I came across today - all about print and sporting an enormous gallery! ENJOY :slight_smile:


Gio has some amazing links at his blog, and some people here might be interested as well:

Jose Ismael Fernandez is a classically influenced sculptor based in Los Angeles, California.
Richard Stipl was born in Czechoslovakia in 1968 and was raised, educated, and now lives and works both in Canada and the Czech Republic. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto with an Honours Diploma in 1992, and was awarded Canada’s prestigious Governor General’s Award in the same year.
Sabin Howard a man without a handy pasteable ‘about’ section.
Richard Macdonald, ditto (flash is the devil).


LA Weekly review of artist Mark Ryden.


a fantastic sculptor Zenon Frudakis :slight_smile: ENJOY!


Jacek Malczewski



. . .

I find Robert Heindel’s expressive figurative paintings of dancers truly amazing and inspiring. He was a phenomenal artist all around.

*Use the slide show option to view larger images.


“Robert Heindel Commemorative Exhibition to Open at Halcyon Gallery in October” 2009


Thank you Rebeccak,

these links are great inspiration for me.:slight_smile:

I would like to post my links. I believe they will be useful for artists: